Bye Everyone

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Bye Everyone

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My name is DenLover (aka Logofero). For 5 years now I have delighted you with my assets and participated in the life of the forum, and there was a time when I tried to make it better so that it came to life, then a wall of incomprehension was built against me, but I did not take it to heart, I was free in solutions and suggestions and quietly laid out their releases and talked about updates.

I was not always understood by the local public, since I am a stranger to the European and Western mindset, so not everyone could understand me. And, of course, because of the mistakes in writing, which I make constantly, because I use an electronic translator. I failed to learn English as well as my native one (Russian).

Now I have made the difficult decision to leave the forum. Why did I decide to do this? Let everyone decide for himself. However, your guesses are only your reasons. It's just that at some point there comes a realization that nothing else connects you with people or a place and does not hold you, you seem to be left alone among people who should believe you, but they do not believe, and this loneliness is not pleasant for you and you don't want to be in it (this is figurative).

Perhaps someday I would have left in silence. But now a large number of people, the forum and the Internet know me, so it would be strange to leave silently. Even if those who did not support me, in one way or another, read my posts, used my work, and those whom I inspired sincerely without envy, thank me. Someone was able to launch their project on this inspiration, but someone did not abandon it. To delimit the line that nothing else connects me with the forum and its inhabitants, I am writing this message.

I leave GTAMP to the community my main project for which GTA2 inspired me is MISI, the project is completely free and does not depend on me. I have no influence on his existence. So do whatever you want with it. Well, if you suddenly want to see me, you can visit my personal channel

Thanks to everyone who supported me without you it would be very difficult. Enjoy!
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