Mafia Bots

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Mafia Bots

Post by Razor »

New Vid about great map Town Mafia. Created by Kamil.


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Re: Mafia Bots

Post by DAFE »

I remember this map!

It used to be a favourite of mine for a while with the bots and remote tanks that made 1 and 2 player games more interesting.

I found the map to have a lot of areas that would never be used do to lack of spawn zones and power ups in that area. There's also a brief that comes up sometimes but I have no idea what instigates it or what it is for or what it does for me :P

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Re: Mafia Bots

Post by alter78 »

I'm the creator of Mafia Town which did around 6 years ago together with my brother "el enano".
We created all the logic: guards, bots, taxi driver, etc.

So all the credit for Mafia Town should go to: Pablo Zacheo and Martin Zacheo.

If you need help with the script or to create a new maps please ask, I will be happy to help.
But be honest and at least mention the name of who created it originally.

I have submitted it to several GTA2mod sites along with a ZIP, a readme and an image showing the city of Pampaneira, Mafia Town.

Anyway it's nice that you guys still ran this community, I'll excited to be able to play online someday since all these years.

Have fun with the map and remember: have the decency to mention the real author of it.

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Re: Mafia Bots

Post by elypter »

unfortunately the video is not viewable in some countries, at least not in germany.

In germany many videos are blocked by youtube because of the music industry. So please if you make a video think about uploading it to other video portals like vimeo

you map is also available on my map system: ... ia-town.7z
but unfortunately it does not have much mmp information. So if you want author, image, description and so on to be displayed you can make the map to require only 1 scr and mmp file and then add the information you like to the mmp file:

if you want to update your map i can give you the upload password.
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Re: Mafia Bots

Post by Galactic Boy »

It's one of my favourite maps. And I still play this map. But I'm not remember that there are remote tanks.

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