GTA1 Cities in GTA2 with Multiplayer!

Post GTA1/GTA2 maps here (finished and work in progress).
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GTA1 Cities in GTA2 with Multiplayer!

Post by BenMillard » 23 Jun 2011, 23:22

Having looked through my e-mails, the original contributors who first attempted converting GTA1 are OK with me working on it. Now that I've done a lot of cleanup to the files and added 6-player support to most of them, I feel justified in releasing it. All the levels now support 1-6 players with basic deathmatch. Pyro's race version of San Andreas is also included.

GTA1 cities converted to GTA2 updated on 17th November 2011, including:
  • Liberty City v1.3 from JG (New York)
  • San Andreas v1.17 from Pyro (San Francisco)
  • San Andreas Race from Pyro (San Francisco)
  • Vice City v1.6 from BenMillard (Miami)
  • London 1969 v1.2 from JG
  • Manchester 1961 v1.13 from Pyro
Image Image Image Image Image

Beta Versions When we have enough stable and sensible changes, I make a new master version with them.

  1. Delfi/JernejL's initial conversion and release of all the levels.
  2. Sektor re-packaged and hosted all the levels.
  3. Pyro cleaned and converted lots of London stuff.
  4. BenMillard merges these together, does lots more cleanup
  5. Lantyz privately did a major clean-up of all the files but these are not public, yet.
  • Sektor curated and packaged the best versions of these levels, before I started.
  • Pyro cleaned San Andreas and made San An Scramble, which I've renamed San Andreas Race.
  • Sektor and Pyro started porting the entire storyline of GTA: London 1969 but this isn't included.
  • JG cleaned Liberty City, with smaller improvements to San Andreas and Vice City.
  • Illspirit gave "behind the scenes" help in the early days, judging by comments in the files.
  • Many other contributors?
Sektor probably knows more history.

General Tasks
  1. Stay faithful to the original GTA, enhancing it with the new technologies of GTA2.
  2. Check all car shops using the original mission.ini, missuk.ini and missuke.ini files.
  3. Mirror the door entry animations for GTA1: London levels? Or was that already done?
  4. Lots of other stuff...
From time to time I'll merge everything stable into a coherent Master Version and re-release that to the community.

Converting GTA1 Cars
We should replace the cars more appropriately, which means drawing up a list of which car should replace what. A few corrected properties and slight handling tweaks should be adequate for sane gameplay, this way. The important thing is matching the engine sounds since they can't be re-assigned. (Or can they?)

All levels in GTA2 get all cars when played in multiplayer; controlled by the .sty file. We could do the same when bringing GTA1 into GTA2, if there are enough slots. If there are spare slots we could add any GTA London 1969 and 1961 cars which might be found in USA cities.

Elypter seems best equipped to do the car conversion from GTA1. GTAkreyz wrote a conversion guide for Paint Shop Pro.

Liberty City (JG)
  1. Change powerup types so none duplicate the unlimited standard weapons:
    • Armour
    • Health
    • Fast Reload
    • Double Damage
    • Instant Gang
    • Electrogun
  2. Convert GTA1 cars.
  3. 1-lane road textures would neaten this up?
  4. Car park markings to make huge, empty, paved areas less boring.
  1. Continued using my 6-player script but copied JG's code for train and broken bridge.
  2. Corrected a couple of junction signs for left and right, such as (167,248).
  3. 1-lane roads now merge into wider roads without a kerb in the way.
  4. Cranes had been neatened but I've neatened them in a better way, especially near (99,189).
  5. Tops of metal road bridges are now sloped. (GTA1 had a technical limitation which prevented this.)
  6. Metal road bridges use a full girder for the bottom of road section spans.
  7. Metal road bridges use an open X shape of girders for slopes.
  8. Metal road bridges cast shadow onto pavement, same as buildings.
  9. Opened up previously blocked parts alongside metal road bridges.
  10. Alleyways are now open to the North and West of metal road bridges.
  11. Added missing famework over railway at (113,192).
  12. Removed bogus surfaces beneath road slopes.
  13. Added shadows and Dark/Darker filters to (27,39).
  14. Corrected a shadow and added some Darker filters near (219,71).
  15. Railway slope girders added and position slightly changed near (43,172).
  16. Roundabout given a centre near (107,22).
  17. Large entrance marquees are now Field, such as (145,25).
  18. Auto shops now cast shadows like buildings do.
  19. Collision settings.
  20. Surface types.
  21. Opened up alleyway at (27,155).
  22. Opened up alleyway at (64,216) and corrected nearby fence.
  23. Opened up alleyway at (205,11) and made nearby isolated Pavement into Field.
  24. Opened up alleyway at (211,63).
  25. Opened up alleyway at (211,105).
  26. Corrected a shadow at (245,244).
  27. Shadows, fences and surfaces updated around metal road bridge near (226,59).
  28. Shading of water along coastlines finished by JG.
  29. Erroneous lay-by markings removed from (156,12).
  30. Each player gets $50,000 at the start.
  31. Broken bridge now called Callahan Bridge, like GTA3 opening scene!
  32. Added weapon and powerup locations from GTA1 'MISSION.INI'
  33. Changes to army bases:
    1. Increased density to 600.
    2. Law Island army base contains 4 tanks that fire at players.
    3. Fort Law car park contains 4 bulletproof Pacifiers armed with vehicle machine guns and is guarded by armed NPCs in addition to randomly spawned Army gang members.
  34. Custom 1x1 grass edge tile (no. 399, palette 0) added where appropriate.
  35. Added armed parked emergency vehicles:
    1. Copcars armed with oil and SWAT vans armed with machine guns outside police stations.
    2. Ambulances loaded with carbombs outside hospitals.
    3. Flameproof firetrucks armed with flamethrowers outside fire stations.
  36. Re-enabled 'phone' objects in script - Liberty City isn't quite right without 'em! ;)
  37. Enabled FIRETRUK and TOWTRUCK, LIMO1 and LIMO2 to appear on roads - must have missed those first time around. :/
  38. All alleyway covers now set to 'field'.
  39. Adjusted block type settings around Law Island Army Base.
  40. Added sounds at nightclub locations.
  41. Changed block types from 'field' to 'pavement' around (174,130) (191,181) (138,70) (129,209) (157,172) (162,170) and (134,76).
  42. Changed roofs from 'air' to 'field' near (64,103) (199,227) (178,221) (150,161) (161,230) (97,63) (175,33) and (219,56).
  43. Adjusted shadows near (150,233) (32,139) (242,123) and added shadow near (16,203) (161,15) and (167,8).
  44. Added signposts to junctions near (207,046) and (226,54).
  45. Flipped 'Grill' signs near (138,31) (245,145) and (165,174).
  46. Flipped 'Fire' sign at (157,182).
  47. Flipped 'Hotel' sign at (37,60).
San Andreas (Pyro)
  1. Road markings on slope from (21,230) should be moved West 1 block so they alternate properly.
  2. Shading of water along coastlines.
  3. Change powerup types so none duplicate the unlimited standard weapons:
    • Armour
    • Health
    • Fast Reload
    • Double Damage
    • Instant Gang
    • Electrogun
  4. Convert GTA1 cars.
Completed by Pyro:
  1. Collision settings.
  2. Surface types.
  3. JG made handrails for stairs. Pyro has applied them to Golden Gate Bridge.
  4. Added JG's new railing design to the San Andreas bridge only (as requested).
  5. Touched up tile #311 so it doesn't have a thin pink line on the side (thanks Elypter for showing me how to do this in GIMP!).
  6. Went through every tile to check it's collision settings, 99% were correct. Changed the yellow cranes to be non-solid.
  7. Updated some of the surface properties in STY Editor (some grass tiles were set to metal floor, for example). Tram lines on roads are still set to road and not electrified (thankfully!) for future tram route.
  8. Changed the roofs on various car and bomb shops to field instead of air.
  9. Added missing wall textures to the big mansion at (035,249) up on the high wall near roof where the 'split' is.
  10. Added an extremely basic tram system in north west track. Tram tracks are set to field and some traffic arrows had to be removed because it confused the train (first try it followed a T-junction and followed the road all the way to the highway :shock: ).
  11. Tested police roadblock with tram tracks. They had no problems, although the train did speed through it and removed the barricades and killed policeman (or destroyed a police car) :P. No problems with tile collisions even with default train collision size, though it might randomly hit a car when it turns a corner so will probably reduce size.
  12. Second tram route (not yet added) is longer and goes through the highway into central part of map. Changing road tiles and arrows could mess this up so need to be careful.
  13. Changed the road at (06,86) into road tiles instead of field.
  14. Added a wall along left-most edge of map around 01,81 to prevent players from hitting the invisible edge of the map if you drive off the ledge nearby. Still allows fast access to the road at the bottom - good place for powerups too.
  15. Added an extra 'page' in STY file because some tiles were hidden (#390 and #391). Also makes space for any future tiles that might need to be used.
  16. Modified tile #391 so it correctly lines up with other track.
  17. Water tiles are animated slower now (instead of frame rate of 1 (fast) it's now 3).
  18. Corrected a lined road tile at (066,188).
  19. Made the Sailors Wharf tank depot road surface road type instead of field.
  20. Made the Sailors Wharf tank depot pavement field (no peds in a military installation!).
  21. Doors at Sailors Wharf tank depot can be opened by blowing up a generator nearby.
  22. Each player gets $50,000 at the start.
  23. Added missing water tiles at (079,206) and (079,207).
  24. Added missing floor at (076,184).
  25. Added missing inside wall at (077,184).
  26. Re-did the entire Sailors Wharf floor so it tessellates properly.
  27. Fixed player 6 remap to show Yakuza.
  28. Fixed player 2's car location.
  29. Temporarily moved start locations and player cars to Pizza Diner at (058,078) area.
  30. Modified tiles #239, #248, #274 and #341 so it lines up with other track.
  31. Fixed numerous road corner train track tiles on the map.
  32. Added a second tram/train stop in Richman.
  33. Added spray shops and bomb shops to script.
  34. Fixed a missing floor and wall at (109,193).
  35. Fixed some various shadows on water surface underneath wooden piers in Sailors Wharf.
  36. Fixed various road markings on bridges etc.
  37. Fixed missing spray shop at (116,119) and corrected bomb shop at (200,091).
  38. Added numerous tanks in various locations around the map.
  39. Coded a generator and door in Atlantic Heights leading to two tanks.
  40. Power generators for doors now have a sound to help players find them as one (for now) is slightly hidden in Atlantic Heights. Atlantic Heights generator was moved and easier to see.
  41. Added a second train to the first, small track. Delay time is roughly 1 or 2 seconds (hope to fine tune this so it is even less or none). Delay has been fixed.
  42. Modified tiles #198 and #233 (curved tram track) so they line up with other track.
  43. All tram track is now properly aligned to each other after modifying a lot of tiles (see above - at least 7!).
  44. Corrected a strange wall glitch at (201,029) and (192,029) where the south facing wall would show through at certain angles.
  45. Improved the shadow of the tank area in Atlantic Heights.
  46. Added a new zone to Sailors Wharf Army Base. It will now show up as "Army Base" when you enter.
  47. Added an Army Gang to Sailors Wharf Army Base. Currently not hostile (yet!). Now hostile.
  48. Added a Yakuza Gang to Chinatown. Not hostile Now hostile.
  49. Changed p6 remap to Zaibatsu instead of Yakuza.
  50. Changed p6 car from Yakuza blue to black.
  51. Chain link fence is now wall+bullet instead of just wall.
  52. Army gang density is now up to 1,000 instead of 600.
  53. Army gang is now hostile on game start.
  54. Yakuza gang density up to 700 from 300.
  55. Yakuza gang now hostile on game start.
  56. Added third train station in Wood Hill to small train loop. Still two trains.
  57. Created train/tram route for long track with four stations and two trains.
  58. No more train delays!
  59. Added tram stop signs at various stations in long loop.
  60. Player start points moved near the train at Pizza Restaurant.
  61. Collision size on the train and passenger carriage have been reduced, meaning (slightly) less explosions from cars going around corners.
  62. Removed a fence south-west of the Atlantic Heights tank depot.
  63. Added four more guards to Atlantic Heights tank depot and made existing guards a bit better. Also, tanks here are a bit closer together.
  64. All tanks now start with 99 tank shells instead of just 20.
  65. Added various vehicles to Aye Valley Police Impound with various vehicle weapons and some being weapon-proof.
  66. Added a door to Aye Valley Police Impound and a generator to the roof of a building in impound (destroy it to open doors).
  67. Fixed missing traffic lights on tram track route. No longer applies due to later changes and desync fixes.
  68. Added missing traffic light poles at various junctions in north of map.
  69. Fixed more tiles and missing tiles.
  70. Fixed some more shadows in places.
  71. Removed unnecessary pavement under fly-overs on the highway, changed to grass instead.
  72. Tram going around the corner just east of Diner at (106,083) no longer looks weird after fixing traffic arrows at junctions.
  73. Removed CHANGE_BLOCK commands as this was likely cause of a desync but also means traffic lights appear broken on some junctions where tram intersects.
  74. Fixed some missing wall textures in Sailors Wharf and Chinatown.
  75. Made the tops of signs (shop signs, traffic signs etc) have no collision so you can now throw molotovs through them properly.
  76. Added Health pickups at Diner (spawn location) and Chinatown.
  77. Added Armour pickups at Diner (spawn location) and tunnel to Atlantic Heights tank depot.
  78. Removed a bit of fence on a slope in Atlantic Heights.
  79. Added phone objects from GTA1 mission.ini and corrected them.
  80. Added powerups from GTA1 but with changes to what they give such as fast reload, double damage etc.
San Andreas Race (Pyro)
Checkpoints should be a visible object or a row of objects right across the street.

After testing, we realise the Scramble game mode works better when the map is open. Race modes need a completely fenced route like a street circuit. MultiSlayer Race does this, so does Race Adventures.

Vice City (BenMillard)
  1. Balance train journey times and zone positions so that no train waits for ages.
  2. Multiple Enter and Exit zones between stations? Test more carefully, with source order.
  3. Enter and Exit zone without a Stop zone crashes, never stops, or allows more speed changes between stations?
  4. Powerup types no longer duplicate the unlimited standard weapons but could be spread around better:
    • Armour (done)
    • Health (done)
    • Fast Reload (done)
    • Double Damage (needed)
    • Instant Gang (needed)
    • Electrogun (done)
  5. Move the converted GTA1 cars to more appropriate replacements. Figure out the respray and remap glitches. (Delfi/JernejL commented this as to-do in the .mis.)
  1. Collision settings done.
  2. Surface types done.
  3. Added train station at (140,240) because Banana Grove to Greek Heights was a long way, with a fast section and a separate subway section.
  4. Slowed down the train.
  5. Pool water animation smoothed out and slowed down.
  6. Ocean water animation smoothed out and slowed down.
  7. Added garage door animation.
  8. Corrected many junction signs for left and right.
  9. Added traffic lights to 6-6-4 junction at (125,232).
  10. Stairs to various footbridges are now Pavement, not Field.
  11. Roads without directions are now Road, not Field.
  12. Lay-bys for parking are now Pavement, not Field.
  13. Dark/Darker filters corrected in many places.
  14. Army island barrack wall textures now match their door textures.
  15. Corrected road markings at junctions like (96,22).
  16. Traffic flow rationalised for junctions like (175,124).
  17. Fences changed for access and aesthetics at Banana Grove station.
  18. Traffic flow replaced Field for slowest two Eastbound lanes on 8-lane street from (105,131) to (178,139).
  19. Roundabout and traffic flow rationalised at (185,141).
  20. Drains moved to mark the secret alleys under railway at (109,203) and (109,219).
  21. Pavement beneath railway turns is now Pavement, not Field.
  22. North wall extended to block sand at (248,0).
  23. Removed bogus surfaces beneath road slopes.
  24. Applied brown pavement to North-East of Western mainland to try out the look.
  25. Each player gets $50,000 at the start.
  26. Fixed a Remove Hidden Surface bugs at (2,5) and (12,15).
  27. Unblocked the corridor at (66,8) (109,86) (109,93).
  28. Flipped some signs near (92,6) (71,215) (95,215) (153,155) (82,98) (68,103) (77,66) (93,65) (108,66) (123,66) (121,59) (151,203) (150,185) (226,58) (174,185) and (117,86).
  29. Railway fence detailing near (78,92) and (59,158).
  30. Missing signpost at (95,26).
  31. Corrected posh roof eaves around (103,16) (107,52) (204,170).
  32. Added shadows near (99,204) (175,27) (184,27) (193,27) (201,32) (195,59) (195,85) (195,108) (215,119) and (215,124).
  33. Zone r1 changed from Arrow Blocker to Restart type.
  34. Zone untitled had strange settings and zero size so I removed it.
  35. Zone b20 added to create Army Base navigation zone.
  36. Staircase sides and invisible Field areas above walkways cleaned up at big hospital near (222,57).
  37. Only have Army on the army base island.
  38. Army base South causeway is always available. (GTA1 makes it available once a tank in the base is stolen.)
  39. Invisible wall added for road ramps at (224,126) (210,136) (215,114) and (215,138).
  40. Remodelled large junction at (220,150) due to police AI crashing there. Turned off the lane narest median for Westbound and Eastbound traffic on the 8-lane highway.
  41. Corrected traffic arrows from 2-lane road onto 8-lane freeway near (146,131).
  42. Remodelled large corner at (241,234).
  43. Removed bridge support from (198,238).
  44. Added missing lamps along (224,128).
  45. Missing drains added at (245,184) (217,105) (222,79) (217,73) (222,109) and many other places.
  46. Pavement inside railway turn changed to Field at (213,147).
  47. Re-did all shading of water along coastlines.
  48. Flipped even more signs after Pyro spotted a few.
  49. Bus Stop walls in a few places are now flipped properly.
  50. Erroneous junction texture removed from (76,161).
  51. Created 5 missing textures for 1-lane road straight, corner, junction, minor junction, corner merge and straight merge.
  52. Created 2 missing textures for layby turn-in and layby turn-out with yellow line.
  53. Created 2 missing textures for crossroad and end-of-lane.
  54. Cleaned up tile 14.
  55. Removed legs below railway over water near (215,122) and (184,27).
  56. Removed incorrect shadow at (99,225).
  57. Crane central spans now use tile 150 on their sides.
  58. Start point now has pavement arrows which lead to army base access bridge.
  59. Added phone objects from GTA1 mission.ini and corrected them.
  60. Added powerups from GTA1 but changed what they give, to avoid duplicating the unlimited standard weapons.
  61. Radio stations are now set.
  62. Yellow road marking variant for lay-by exits would neaten this up.
  63. Bus Stop walls and signs flipped. (Might be a couple's hard to spot them.)
London 1969 (JG)
  1. Change powerup types so none duplicate the unlimited standard weapons:
    • Armour
    • Health
    • Fast Reload
    • Double Damage
    • Instant Gang
    • Electrogun
  2. Animate the water better. Was it that bad in the released expansion pack?!
  3. What navigation zone should fill the East bank of the River Thames between the two westbound bridges?
  4. Add a train or subway system?
  5. Convert any GTA London 1969 cars which fit the style of GTA1.
  1. Collision settings.
  2. Surface types.
  3. Navigation zones now touch each other.
  4. Navigation zones now meet along the central line of the nearest road.
  5. Navigation zones overlapped for a couple of L-shaped features.
  6. TradeMark's zone editor made this easy.
  7. Each player gets $50,000 at the start.
  8. Large entrance marquees are now Field, such as (145,25).
  9. Slowed down the train for twisty overhead parts. Kept it fast in subways and straights.
  10. Added weapon and powerup locations from GTA London 1969 'MISSUK.INI'.
  11. Added grass edging all over map (custom tiles 389-403 & 406-408).
  12. Beefed up security at Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London - you want a tank, you've got to earn it!
  13. Changes to Tower of London:
    1. No dummy peds spawn.
    2. Added additional armed NPCs.
    3. Positions of tanks adjusted. Tanks fire at player.
    4. Additional vehicles: 6x bulletproof jeeps and 2x bulletproof pacifiers.
    5. Building at (219,93) moved one block east and building at (224,93) reduced in size by 1 block.
    6. Increased armygang density to 600.
  14. Changes to Buckingham palace:
    1. No dummy peds spawn.
    2. Added additional armed NPCs.
    3. Tanks fire at player.
    4. Increased armygang density to 750.
  15. Both football stadiums are now named and have basic pitch markings and goalposts. Parts of roof also changed from 'air' to 'field' for both stadiums.
  16. Added armed emergency vehicles:
    1. Copcars armed with oil and SWAT vans armed with machine guns parked outside police stations.
    2. Ambulances loaded with car bombs parked outside hospitals.
    3. Firetrucks armed with flamethrowers parked outside fire stations are now flameproof.
  17. Minor adjustments to positions of respray and bomb shops.
  18. Changed tiles of blue sloped roofs around industrial areas and docks.
  19. Added markings for pedestrian crossings near (137,093) (137,150) (163,150) and (143,194).
  20. Corrected road markings near (203,011).
  21. Area at rear of Houses of Parliament near (80,158) set to 'field'.
  22. Subdivided Battersea Zone into West, Central, East.
Manchester 1961 (Pyro)
  1. Road markings at junctions, including "Stop" lines at small crossroads.
  2. Add bus stop zones. (Add bus stops if it doesn't have them?)
  3. Change powerup types so none duplicate the unlimited standard weapons:
    • Armour
    • Health
    • Fast Reload
    • Double Damage
    • Instant Gang
    • Electrogun
  4. Radio stations need to be set.
  5. Convert GTA London 1961 cars which fit the style of GTA1. Some are awesome historic racing cars!
  1. Script now supports 6 players and gives infinite standard weapons.
  2. Start locations are a bit further from the cars so the player survives spawning! TM's editor showed more clearance...
  3. Each player gets $50,000 at the start.
  4. Changed a LOT of grass tiles from pavement to field.
  5. Animated water and changed a lot of water tiles not at Z:0 to field so now it will actually kill you.
  6. Fixed numerous traffic arrows on junctions and removed arrows from dead-end roads.
  7. Fixed missing floors and walls in tunnels under police stations and hospitals.
  8. Added railings to some bridges and map edges.
  9. Changed some bridge supports from boring solid brick to same style as London uses (metal struts and beams).
  10. Fixed the 8-length slopes in various places so you can properly drive up them without crashing.
  11. Fixed the tram track route with proper sides and railing where needed.
  12. Changed more bridges from boring solid brick to metal struts and beams.
  13. Added missing trees above various grass tiles with shadows.
  14. Since Manchester map had no zones, added a basic navigation zone called 'Manchester'.
  15. Added traffic light zones to junctions. Currently 'floating' until we can make some new textures for the poles/supports.
  16. Added fences around the water areas.
  17. Fixed the tile under storm drains(?) so cars don't get stuck any more. You'll still drive into water and drown as usual.
  18. Added zebra-crossing tiles to junctions with new traffic lights.
  19. Fixed two "Armour Shoppe" (repair/gun shop) at (201,209) and (057,098).
  20. Created two brand new spray shops at (120,234) and (203,098) since Manchester never had any. Big green sign with "Garage" on it like London uses.
  21. Scripted the "Armour Shoppe" to have vehicle bombs and the "Garage" to be spray shops.
  22. Fixed missing wall tiles and ground tiles in some of the storm drains.
  23. You can now shoot through the small style fences (e.g. on bridges). Big fences remain the same.
  24. Fixed some missing walls in buildings.
  25. Fixed the decorative roof features of the fancy building at (118,160).
  26. Changed some tram track so it doesn't dip down and come up again immediately for no reason.
  27. Made the tram sheds hollow for future trains to pass through them.
  28. Added a new tram shed at (252,123) to make a loop.
  29. Changed the tram shed at (9,14) slightly to make a loop also. Also means slightly bigger platform area next to the dead-end road.
  30. Built a brand new station platform at (217,121). Previous area was just a square block of pavement which had nothing in it.
  31. Changed the station at (217,121) to easier to get up and no bottle-necking.
  32. Removed a navigation zone just called "0".
  33. Changed the storm drains(?) entrances to be 3-wide instead of 1-wide for easier travelling.
  34. Far edges of storm drains look better now instead of just a solid wall. Now has fence/grating there instead.
  35. Added four (4) tanks at (203,170) area. All have 99 tank ammo.
  36. Added armour spawn at (203,170).
  37. Added a lovely football inside football stadium.
  38. Used JG's new London STY textures to update the football stadium in Manchester map.
  39. Added phone objects from GTA1 Manchester missuke.ini as well as powerup locations with a lot of fixes and changes with relevant weapons/powerups such as fast reload, double damage etc.
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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by elypter » 24 Jun 2011, 11:14

did you use the same files as in , did you change something or do you have different versions of the map?
for example the uk.sty from pyros pack had some sprites from gta1. i had to replace them with the original gta2 sprites for awkward cargo.
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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by Pyro » 24 Jun 2011, 15:06

Nice to see the classic maps again :-)

I do think the maps are too large for deathmatch though, unless you restrict/limit the areas to fight in. I suppose this is why I made SanAn Scramble all these years ago to be able to use all/most of the map in a specific way (racing etc). We'll see :P
  1. I would guess this is keeping the map the same (pretty obvious :P ), but what about the vehicles? If I remember Delfi copied the STY over with all the GTA1 vehicles and were totally mis-matched to what they replaced. Personally I'd prefer the GTA2 vehicles in GTA1 maps but don't mind.
  2. I do remember in "Tanks in Miami" random bugs which were never totally fixed, so probably quite a few left. Probably traffic routing issues or something.
  3. Pretty sure the water was fatal in Liberty City? Unless it didn't have animated water texture and/or water set to field or something. Never really modified the NYC map back in the day.
  4. Liberty City train system would be cool, but would suffer the classic GTA2 train symptoms - crappy turning and going up/down slopes :(
  5. Always thought implementing the tram system back into San Andreas would be cool, even with the collision size reduced. But, since we all know how crappy GTA2 trains turn and go up slopes I never decided to do it, let alone pick suitable "stations". In Jailbreak when we decided to make "slow" freight-trains they did look really cool 8-)
  6. Refer to point 1. All the fun stuff with getting the deltas right, and especially the car handlings, and hopefully the GTA1 cars replace GTA2 cars in a decent way (not an Italia replacing GTA2 bus for example! :P )
  7. Will have to look at what you've done for GTA1 London scripts :-) When I started converting GTA1 London stuff over I only ever had a basic script but was more interested in copying over GTA1 London textures/sounds and stuff. Probably have the files somewhere if they are not lost.
  8. Mirroring the door animations was a pain and never figured it out. Tried all sorts such as swapping door numbers in STY editor and even mirroring sprites, but came out with some funny effects such as walking forwards while it looks like you're walking backwards etc ;-) Maybe see how they did it in GTA1 vs GTA1 London and see if it can be done in GTA2?
I think I did the most map-fixing work on San Andreas back in the day, and even fixed some of the textures (such as missing road markings) and is probably the most stable. Still needs things like bus stops and traffic lights if I remember, but all the zones are in place.

Anyway, will catch you on GH sometime if you want to chat more on this (got hard drive back so I can play multiplayer again!) 8-)

Edit - I really need to update SanAn Scramble with what I know now and what is possible with newer scripting techniques than what I used ages ago! I noticed you changed the name of SanAn Scramble to San Andreas Race, I don't mind it being changed as it makes it a little clearer what the map/script is now compared to back then (when GTA1 and GTA2 was relatively "new" and people did the cannon-ball race for GTA1). Would be fun to do this again!

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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by elypter » 24 Jun 2011, 16:06

Pyro wrote:
  • Mirroring the door animations was a pain and never figured it out. Tried all sorts such as swapping door numbers in STY editor and even mirroring sprites, but came out with some funny effects such as walking forwards while it looks like you're walking backwards etc ;-) Maybe see how they did it in GTA1 vs GTA1 London and see if it can be done in GTA2?
it could be semi-automated with my delta composing script. you would still have to export, mirror and reimport but no complex image manipulation. TM plans to make a tool which allows you to generate a sty file out of a folder with seperate images, so it could be even easier in the future.
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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by JG » 26 Jun 2011, 17:16

Hi everyone.

I started cleaning up Delfi/JernejL's converted GTA1 levels soon after they were released and I have been intending to release my updated versions to the community for quite some time; I suppose now is as good a time as any. Because I haven't worked extensively on most of these files for a couple of years I may have omitted some details here and there in the changelogs, but I'm pretty sure it's all here.

JG's GTA1 in GTA2 - changes so far...

Liberty City

I spent the most time on getting Liberty City up to scratch with the original intention of scripting some singleplayer missions which unfortunately fell by the wayside. The script I've included contains a working train system, vehicle shops (complete with garage doors on the bomb shops) and telephones in their original locations. Central park also has some benches and the unfinished road bridge has barriers & traffic cones. I used a program by JernejL to import the other objects (car tyres, piles of rubbish, etc.) but decided to leave these out as they just get kicked around by the GTA2 peds. The locations for these have been commented out in the .mis file.

STY file
  • Added custom flipped "Pool" signs (tiles 355 & 356, palette 0). Pretty much every other sign was originally the wrong way round on it's inverse side. This has now been fixed.
  • Added custom parking bay with yellow lane divider tile. Also added other custom road tiles to neaten things up a bit. These are included in the RAR archive.
  • Added custom tree tile (360, palette 281). These have been placed in all the original tree locations – these won't appear quite the same as in GTA1 as the original engine placed trees as objects rather than tiles, but it's as close as we'll get using the GTA2 engine.

    • All vehicles enabled apart from Dementia and Panto. These are prevented from spawning due to their large turning circles causing dummy cars to have problems when negotiating certain tight corners, which in turn creates massive traffic jams around the map.
    • Trains are functional with adjusted properties; the 'can run over cars' flag has been enabled to prevent the game from crashing if a car is run over by a train. The train collision area has also been reduced to allow trains to turn within enclosed corners.
    • Big Bug can drive over other cars.
GMP file
  • Fences do not block bullets.
  • Water = death.
  • Shadows beneath bridges have been added in many places where they were previously missing.
  • Moved signposts near junctions to within one block around the junction – this prevents 'floating' traffic lights and looks a little neater.
  • Fixed numerous incorrect road markings.
  • Added invisible walls to prevent players from becoming trapped in various places, as can be seen around (37, 146) and (37, 153).
  • Added a fence running parallel with the train line from (64, 216) to (79, 216) in Island City to block off access to the train line from the pavement.
  • Added walls to allow players to drive along train tracks whilst underground.
  • Moved bridge two blocks east from (186,81) to (188,81) to accommodate traffic lights at junction.
  • Moved slope at (25,146) one block right to allow for easier cornering.
  • Moved bridge from (89,209) to (91,209) & slightly reshuffled surrounding area to accommodate traffic lights.
  • Extended cinema (89,166) and buildings south to accommodate traffic lights.
  • Moved (187,81) (213,86) (207,44) bridges in by one block at each end to accommodate traffic lights.
  • Removed road arrows in the short stretch of road around (110,036) as vehicles had trouble performing u-turns in this area.

    • Added navigation zones.
    • Traffic lights function properly.
    • Train stations are included and each one is named in a navigation zone – I think this is a nice touch.
    • Added all hospital restart zones, including the Estoria hospital that was omitted from GTA1 for some reason. Did DMA just forget to include it? :?

San Andreas

This is an update of Pyro's SanAn Scramble v2.0 map, therefore most of the initial legwork was done by him and other contributors to his project.

The included script is a work-in-progress (but playable) 2 player deathmatch script halted some years ago - this could easily be extended to a 6 player deathmatch. Bomb and respray shops are functional and there are over 100 parked vehicles, ~40 powerups and plenty of weapon pickups. I was in still in the process of tweaking the pickup locations but the overall placement works pretty well. I was considering adding a few more pickups as some places could occasionally feel a bit weapon-starved at times, but I think it works alright as it is.

GMP file
  • Lots of misc. fixes with incorrect rotations, flipped signs, etc. I can't remember the specifics as I didn't really keep track of them at the time...
  • Removed the wall tile blocking the door of the bomb shop near the police impound at (200,91).
  • Rebuilt all wooden jetties as found in Sailor's Wharf and elsewhere - the individual blocks of each jetty originally had tiles on all 4 sides which could be seen beneath the lids which looked quite strange.
  • Shadows on water were inverted during the CMP to GMP conversion process – the shadows nearest a wall were paler than those furthest from a wall which looked odd. Now fixed.
  • Water is now fatal at ground level – I remember all the water in SanAn Scramble was set to Z:0. IIRC, all I did was to set the block type to 'field' - players drown as long as the tiles are animated regardless of Z level.
  • Fences do not block bullets.

    • Added traffic light zones at junctions.

Vice City

All I did was remove the gang zones (Rastas, Baldheads & Babylon) and the data for these gangs from JernejL's 'Tanks in Miami' script. With a revised script, Vice City now appears to run crash-free. :D


Known bugs at the time of Jernej L's original CMP to GMP release:
- "water maybe doesn't work"
- "some fences are not solid"
- "some transparent blocks (mostly signs) are maybe mirrored wrong"
- "there are no lights (lighting and traffic lights)"

Apart from the lighting, all of the above have been fixed. Bomb and Respray shops are included in the script. No other objects (telephones, benches, etc.) have been added.

STY file
  • Dollar sign ($) has been replaced with pound sign (£) to appear in the player's score and any messages.
  • All tiles now have the correct surface type.
  • An unused tile (tile 195) was replaced with a tree tile.
  • All vehicles are set to spawn as dummy traffic.
GMP file
  • Many mirrored tiles were flipped to make signs display correctly on both sides.
  • Removal of numerous 'invisible wall' tiles that would occasionally impede the player's progress.
  • Water now functions properly.
  • Fences do not block bullets.
  • Problematic traffic arrows were also corrected to remove traffic jams.
  • Trees were not included in the CMP to GMP conversion process as they were coded for as objects in the original GTA engine. These have been added to the GMP map file as tiles.

    • Traffic lights function properly.
    • Navigation zones are subdivided into North blah, South blah, etc. However, as Battersea and Chelsea are such small areas on this map I didn't subdivide them in the same manner as the other zones. Battersea is a single navigation zone and Chelsea is subdivided into North, Central and South.
    • Respawn points added outside each of the three hospitals at (165,016) (025,190) and (172,200).
    • Arrest restarts added outside police stations at (054,036) (164,170) and (212,024).

Still to do..?
  • Add north/south appends to navigation zones for Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City to stay faithful to GTA1. Maybe.
  • Add lighting to all levels. Obviously this will be a massive job. Any takers? ;-)
  • Add Bus Stop zones to gta2_london.gmp. The locations (all 48 of them :shock: ) are included in the RAR for anybody that is up for doing this.
All of the GMP files have been optimised and the STY files have had blank pages removed to keep the size of the RAR archive to a minimum. Hopefully this will provide a good starting point for merging BenMillard's proposed updates or for any other future development.

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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by Razor » 26 Jun 2011, 20:12

Lantyz also was creating playable maps from gta1 with whole cars and stuffs. PM him maybe he will share his files.


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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by Pyro » 26 Jun 2011, 21:47

Nice bit of work - but would be good to get a centralised version of the GTA1 maps in time, seeing as we've all done bits here and there to the various maps.

Would love to get my teeth into San Andreas map again - I did a lot of work on it (and now some improvements by JG) and would like to do a deathmatch and/or improved race for it. Heck, might even get round to adding lights to the map :P We'll see!

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Re: Organising the Work

Post by BenMillard » 04 Jul 2011, 09:30

Pyro, please try out my files and JG's files. Then reply with only the parts of those lists which are still applicable.

Great work JG! I hope to look through those files this week. Seems to have covered all the things I was doing with some additional sensible refinements. Flipping signs and moving them to support traffic lights is good.

I'll check the metal bridge sides in nyc.gmp as I sent a lot of time flipping those and making the alleyways beside them walkable. I didn't move bridges around but did notice shadows and fatal water needed a lot of work. Very glad to hear that's been done already!

Trees & Bollards
I'd prefer using OBJ_DATA for generic objects. Maybe we'll use Heri's multi-script approach from Golden Lap to work around the normal object limit. This would help the Tanks in Miami object placement JernejL did, too.

I might remove some bollards and blockades as they are a bit lame in multiplayer. Oh, whoops, I Forgot to bring my GTA1 CD back from Hampshire to my London flat. I can get the data files again quite easily to check stuff, if necessary.

Next Master Version
I'm happy to pick the best changes and manually merge them all into a new 'master' version of each level. They will continue to have the most basic multiplayer script for testing and basic gameplay.

Once that is done I will re-release the files for the community. Hopefully that will happen during July 2011.

If anyone has done significant changes during the past week, please update the thread with what you changed. I sent a PM to Lantyz asking about any work he's done to GTA1 levels.

It's important we merge everything before doing much more work. If there are some prototypes of tools which could make merging easier, especially the *.sty files, please point me to them.
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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by Sektor » 04 Jul 2011, 09:51

I haven't made any changes. I haven't tried JG's version yet but from his description, he has done the most to the GMP and STY.

I noticed the Manchester script only supports 1 player.

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Review of JG's GTA1 Cleanup

Post by BenMillard » 04 Jul 2011, 21:49

Here is an MMP file for each of JG's versions. They are really great, all the attention to detail I thought I would have to do myself is already done! :-)
One MMP file for each of JG's levels, set to support any number of players. This enables "Play Alone" from "Create Game" button in GTA2 Game Hunter. The levels are listed as "JG's [...]"
(810 Bytes) Downloaded 792 times
JG's *.gmp and *.sty files will be the basis into which I merge my other fixes. They are really good. The improvements I can make are pretty few and minor.

Tasks are now recorded in my first message, as they'll change over time.

Liberty City
  1. Adding the trees has made a nice difference!
  2. Proper 1-lane road edges and giving lay-by ends a yellow line when needed is way neater.
  3. Yay for working train system!
  4. Train stop positions are just right, with the engine outside the station on short platforms.
  5. Nice flipping of all the bridge side tiles. They make nice X shapes to match the roof which is better than I did! :oops:
  6. Shadows are perfect now, especially nice work with the corridors beneath buildings.
  7. The absence of weapons makes it rather dull, since we don't use debug mode or cheats in multiplayer.
  8. Nice job on the sloping railway bridge at (166,116)!
  9. Radio stations have been set.
San Andreas
  1. Pyro's update to JG's version is what I'm working from.
  2. Cool, it's stable. So nostalgic with that player 1 start point!
  3. Unlocking the tank doors from the South-West island is a nice Easter Egg from the original.
  4. Radio stations have been set.
Vice City
  1. It did crash while I was in the road for central Hospital, stealing a Coach. But Windows update was lagging in the background so not worried.
  2. No crashes from the 100% certain crash locations Tanks in Miami had! Yay!
London 1969
(Not yet reviewed JG's version.)

Manchester 1969
(Not worked on by JG so I'll choose from Sektor or Pyro's version.)
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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by Pyro » 05 Jul 2011, 01:56

OK been using JG's map and script, here's my review and small fixes just for San Andreas:
  1. One of the car shops was out of place - fixed.
  2. The "Guns and Ammo" shops should be machine gun shops and not bomb shops (hence the name) - fixed.
  3. Some of the "Bar" signs (tile #158) need to be flipped - fixed.
  4. Some of the "Route 4" signs (tile #54) need to be flipped - fixed. (Wish the Find Tile worked properly in DMA Editor!)
  5. Removed the traffic arrows around the gun shop near the bridge (214,216 area) - traffic piles up here too easily.
  6. Added a missing traffic arrow at 211,248 facing west. Traffic managed OK without it but still put it back anyway.
  7. Fixed a few tiles so they are pavement etc where needed.
  8. Maybe add a tram stop sign (tile #185) in places once we agree on tram stops etc? Currently unused from the original.
  9. Nice work raising the water level in north-side of the map to original levels so it still kills you - always thought all those years ago only Z:0 water would kill! :shock:
  10. Similar to Ben's statement about weapons in LC, they are rather too spread out here, though easily fixed later on (same for P1 and P2 starting locations).
  11. Sailors Wharf looks good with the new supports!
  12. Went for a good, long drive to all over San Andreas and no crashes (so far)! Includes some awkward places to get to as well.
Overall very good with few minor changes required. :-)
Pyro's small fixes to JG's San Andreas map and script.
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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by BenMillard » 05 Jul 2011, 20:24

That's great but please don't do anything else to the files for this week. Experiments are fine. We'll be duplicating effort if people are all doing significant amounts of refinement at the same time, though.

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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by Pyro » 05 Jul 2011, 21:19

That's fine - the changes were only minor and will wait for a "master" one to be sorted before doing anything else 8-)

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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by BenMillard » 07 Jul 2011, 22:47

Cool. Tonight I've done a lot of map refinements and uploaded the newest versions. There's still a lot of stuff to do before these are stable "master" versions. The first message now has the lists I'll be working through.

Hopefully the stuff I'm doing is what people think should be done. The "completed" lists might not be quite correct when it comes to zones. (Hoped I would have time for some Zone Editor tweaks but it's already heading towards midnight.)
  • Pyro:
    Will you work through the San Andreas task list yourself? Let me know in a reply here and go ahead if you do.
  • JG:
    Do you want the Liberty City task list for yourself? Let me know in a reply here and wait for my reply. I stopped part-way through some changes.
  • Delfi/JernejL:
    Do you want the Vice City task list at all? Let me know in a reply here...I think you finished all you really wanted to do.
  • GTA: London
    Does anyone want to take over the work on these two levels, doing the sorts of cleanup Pyro, JG and I have been doing?
If nobody shares the work then I'll carry on with it all, apart from converting cars and single-player missions.

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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by Pyro » 08 Jul 2011, 00:47

Yes - count me in for working on San Andreas stuff 8-)
  1. I think most collision settings were correct, but will double check anyway.
  2. Are you referring to the types in the map editor or STY editor (years ago some of the tiles made the wrong 'sound' when walked on for example)? Assuming the map editor though. There are some pavement tiles for example in north of map near the houses which are set to field (usually 1 tile off the main pavement walkway), will take a look.
  3. The door animation, is this included in the latest map release?
  4. Will look around the coastline and make sure the shadows face the correct direction.
  5. I can do the train paths and test to see if police roadblocks would bork them. As mentioned earlier there is a Tram Stop sign in the STY that we can use (was never used originally) once we decide on station locations. For now I can make a temporary station near the pizza restaurant and take it from there.
  6. I noticed the handrails too. They don't seem to be included in the STY file, plenty of room for them (599 free tile slots! :shock: ). I could add them to the STY and add these to the ladders/steps for the walkways? Let me know if you want me to do this.
  7. As you put in your first post, deciding on what GTA1 cars to replace the GTA2 cars between us would be a good reference point for all the other GTA1 maps. For starters the GTA1 cars can simply be "similar" to their GTA2 counterparts (such as Italia GTO replacing Z-Type or something) until we finalise and agree on a conversion list. After that is done it'll be fun making decent handling setups for them, and GTA2 has notoriously bad settings for that :roll: Also, what about things like car trailers etc and trucks to tow them?
As for San Andreas race I'll take a look at that once things with the map are more finalised. I do remember we came to an agreement on the current route but we can always change it again. Like you said, the checkpoints need to be visible now. This can either be done with objects (single/double row of cones? But these would be knocked over by general traffic) or using script to change the tiles themselves (saves physically altering the map). Lot's to think about. 8-)

Edit - will try and catch you on GH tomorrow (Friday) night hopefully?

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San Andreas Collaboration

Post by BenMillard » 08 Jul 2011, 11:20

Pyro, that's good news.
  1. Please do.
  2. Both. Surfaces types are in .sty and collision types are in .gmp, covered by #1 above. Don't electrify tram tracks.
  3. Yes. Roller doors were glitched when shut. Sliding blast doors were OK when shut. The doors are completely removed by the script when you destroy the GENERATOR on South-West island. Maybe do them as DOOR objects which open automatically whenever a player gets near them, for faster gameplay?
  4. Not just direction of shadows. The ocean has 2-block-wide shadows. The part which is nearer a wall or beach should be darker. (This applies to all GTA1 levels.)
  5. There are two tram routes, IIRC. Starting with that one and having a single station makes sense.
  6. Only add them to the Golden Gate Bridge stairs, to reduce fatal fall into water. It would be a big gameplay change to add them everywhere else.
  7. We can forget about cars for the time being.
  8. GTA1 used an animated flag for checkpoints. Maybe replace that weird white arrow with a static GTA1 flag? Maybe the GTA2 bonus levels have some animation we could you say, only worth doing once the map is stable.
Yes, I'll be around on Friday night to brainstorm and plan this stuff with you and anyone else. 6:30pm until midnight UK time, most likely.

(EDIT) First message updated with playable GTA London and Manchester files. Whew! Lots more cleanup I'd like to do before I'd call these "master" files.

Pyro started making more refinements to San Andreas this evening.

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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by JG » 09 Jul 2011, 11:45

Ben and Pyro, I'm glad that my fixes and additions have been well-received! :D

IIRC, the garage door animations are the last thing that I was working on. It was a bit of an afterthought on my part to be honest, hence I didn't enter it in the changelog and must have forgotten about it before getting them finished.

I'll gladly jump on board with getting the Liberty City and London GMPs completed. I've got some ideas I'd like to discuss which I'll post later this evening...

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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by BenMillard » 10 Jul 2011, 09:45

I wasn't online last night, sorry that we missed each other. Idle in GTA2 Game Hunter today and next week, then we can talk more easily. I'm in UK timezone, which one are you in?

I've continued working on Liberty City, London and Manchester so please wait until I release the next update.

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Re: GTA1 Converted to GTA2 (Unstable Deathmatch)

Post by Sektor » 10 Jul 2011, 10:14

JG's profile says: London, UK and his IP confirms it.

Great work on this.

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Re: GTA1 Cities in GTA2 with Multiplayer!

Post by BenMillard » 10 Jul 2011, 22:21

JG, Pyro and myself have arranged to share out the work. At about 11:45pm I uploaded a new version. First message updated!

This is now a stable master version!

So tonight I am releasing this back to the community. Nobody owns these files, strictly speaking. But for coherent multiplayer gameplay, I'll coordinate "stable" releases only contain the reasonable fixes and changes.

Whacky scripting experiments and radical changes to buildings will only be included if they are widely agreed on. Such as opening up alleys and dead-ends around bridges in Liberty City, converting and matching the GTA1 cars to similar GTA2 cars and ignoring the Cannonball Run routes in the original for a single new route on each map.

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