Pure Zooka Arena

Post GTA1/GTA2 maps here (finished and work in progress).
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Pure Zooka Arena

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An empty arena with no place to hide, just a zooka at your disposal. Instant infinite ammo and a very low ceiling to intensify it all.
The Pure Zooka Arena map.
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Re: Pure Zooka Arena

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The classic PZA tweaked by myself and TommySprat (the original author):
Image Image
  • Floor is lower than normal GTA2 levels, so the camera is higher above you. That lets you see further.
  • Lights, start points, invisible ceiling are all moved to match the floor.
  • Respawn points are all offset by a block, so it's a bit harder to aim at respawning players.
  • Level is re-textured using Escobar and Zaibatsu Power Core textures.
  • The yellow chevrons by the wall show how close you can get before an explosion will push you over.
  • Preview image of small 2 Player version and large 3-6 Player version are now included.

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