I need help too!

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I need help too!

Post by AssainGuy »

This problem isn't mainly GH's problem, but a very serious one related to GTA2 MP gaming.
This problem remains in the official GTA2 multiplayer from GTA2 manager.
If i want to join somebody, GTA2.exe launches, but does nothing and grabbs about 3-11 % CPU.
As far as i remember, there should be a server window popping up, but on my pc, it doesn't.

What i've done:
Tried all kind of different versions.
Tried the debug manager.
Ports ARE forwarded.

My pc is an as*hole. I cannot test my own maps T_T.

PS: Play alone option works in GH.
I've also looked around for answers. Did not succeed.

i come here sometimes
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Re: I need help too!

Post by Pyro »

In the GTA2 Manager under the Network tab, what connection types do you have listed?

I had a problem where nothing showed in the connection types back when I was using Windows XP 64-bit Professional and never managed to resolve it until I switched to Windows 7. Here's hoping you don't have the same problem as I did...

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Re: I need help too!

Post by Sektor »

DirectX is probably busted but there are other reasons gta2 tcp/ip might not start.

Play alone doesn't check if an exe previously launched by GH is still open, it just runs another one. Joining games won't work while gta2 is still in the process list. Hosting games kills the existing process first.

Sometimes I have to wait for a GTA2 error dialog (illegal operation or something like that) to appear before I can launch another GTA2 with GH. I'm not sure why that happens.

In the GH chat, type: /t

That will terminate dplaysvr.exe and any open gta2.exe process.

edit: assainguy figured out it was UPnP making GTA2 network take a few minutes to load. He needed to run UnPnP to fix it.

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