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by Welcome
01 Jul 2011, 19:38
Forum: Maps
Topic: GTA2 Aztec
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Re: GTA2 Aztec

I know, one my Czech friend made this
All credits to MrBanny
by Welcome
02 Mar 2011, 17:27
Forum: Modding forum
Topic: GTA 2 New Patch ideas
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Re: GTA 2 New Patch ideas

Well its good but pls dont do to add posibility to rotate with mouse cuz it will ruin the game it will be games like subvein, GCT
and more......
by Welcome
26 Dec 2010, 23:37
Forum: Modding forum
Topic: Code Snippets
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Re: Code Snippets

To make flamethrower less strong ( stop char burning ) IF ( IS_CHAR_ON_FIRE ( p1 )) DELAY_HERE ( put here how long will be the char on fire ) SET_CHAR_INVINCIBLE ( p1 , ON ) SET_CHAR_INVINCIBLE ( p1 , OFF ) ENDIF work PERFECT ON WHILE CYCLE if u put this to WHILE_EXEC it will not work its little bit...
by Welcome
26 Dec 2010, 09:20
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Topic: Perfect Assassin
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Re: Perfect Assassin

Cuban-Pete try to run the game on DosBox it look really old so i think that it will run on it :)