Retro City Rampage DX trailer


Retro City Rampage 67% off on Steam

Retro City Rampage is $4.99 USD on Steam until March 29, 2013. Link:


How to access “ROM City Rampage” in Retro City Rampage


The Making of: ROM City Rampage


Retro City Rampage OFFICIAL WiiWare Trailer


Retro City Rampage: Developer Game Overview

A game overview of Retro City Rampage by developer, Brian Provinciano. Out now for PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PC/Steam and coming Feb 28th to WiiWare.


Sneak Peek: “The Making of ROM City Rampage”


Grand Theftendo

Retro City Rampage finally hits WiiWare in North America and Europe on February 28th (next week).

As a special bonus, both the WiiWare and PC/Steam (via a free update on the same day) versions will include the "ROM City Rampage" Prototype.

Experience what Retro City Rampage could've been like if it were actually released in the '80s, 100% NES hardware-accurate. Imagine what the world would be like had RCR hit the NES back in the day. It WAS technologically possible, and "ROM City Rampage" proves it!



Retro City Rampage out now on XBLA

RCR has been released on XBLA for 800 Microsoft points. It won't be released on the Australian XBLA store since it costs too much time/money to get it classified. Developers shouldn't have to pay for classifications when they could do it themselves or get the community to rate it.



Retro City Rampage v1.06 update

  • Sweat Bomber platforming stage now skippable after three deaths
    - Also made soul boosters more visible with louder arrows
  • Police Siren Adjusted
  • Misc Bug Fixes