GTA2 Game Hunter v1.59

A new version of the best/only GTA2 multiplayer game finder has been released:

List of changes:

- Fixed a "Debug flags are different" bug
- Message displayed if host has "Exit on desync" ticked
- Message displayed if a game is created with "Play Replay" ticked
- gta2manager.exe is now the only acceptable filename for GTA2 Manager
- If there is a failure to modify a registry key, GH will show the value it attempted to set
- HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT modifications failures are no longer displayed since they aren't critital to GH operation
- No activity/anti idle message is no longer displayed
- Updated credits
- Fixed a bug that changed GH icon to a Santa hat on the 25th of every month instead of only in December

Link to GTA2 Game Hunter forum topic

Epic GTA2 Map Editor (0.6.5) Beta

T.M. has released “Epic GTA2 Map Editor (0.6.5) Beta”. You can’t create maps with this but it’s great for editing zones, moving/rotating objects, decompiling scripts and taking screenshots.

Just a few of the features:

  • Open .mmp files in the editor by doubleclicking them.
  • View the map in the editor with no limits on zoom, take nice screenshots from your maps in any angle you wish. Also night mode with GTA2 lighting supported!
  • Edit the map zones with much cleaner way than ever before.
  • Display script objects in the map: cars, objects, chars, trains, etc. (requires .mis file for that map).
  • Edit script objects positions by mouse! (and rotations with keys).
  • Automatically detect if script file was modified, and easily reload it if you made changes in some other program.
  • Create any size map images automatically, with cars and other objects in them, also you can scale objects sizes as you wish!
  • Save 2048×2048 size minimap by just one click.
  • Test the map quickly from the editor by launching it in GTA2.
  • Convert SCR files into MIS files.

Get it from the forum

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.531

GTA2 Game Hunter is the best way to find GTA2 multiplayer opponents.

– A password must be in settings before you can sign in
– Nicks are automatically registered if available
– Moved the X used for closing tabs to the bottom right
– Changed conflicting hotkeys
– Your nick is saved to registry whenever it is changed
– Fixed gridline setting saving
– Fixed a problem that could only happen if #gta2gh was set to +m mode
– Most notices from GTANet are displayed

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.524

GTA2 Game Hunter

– Country alert sounds were only playing if you had clicked OK on the settings screen during that session
– GH reads GTA2 hosting status from the GTA2 window instead of probing ports for information
– Rearranged settings screen into tabs
– Suppressed “error during tabIRC” error messages
– Create Game focus always starts on the map list
– Added minimize to tray setting
– You can run executable files from GH by typing /run file.exe
– /crc now works with spaces in the path
– Removed ctrl+q quit hotkey because alt+f4 already quits and is less likely to be hit accidentally
– Disabled manual sending of SETNAME command
– If a bot changes your country while you are connected then SETNAME command is used to update full name with new country
– Country code is no longer sent as a notice to every joiner
– Added to about box
– GH version number is displayed as a tooltip when hovering over a name in the player list
– Protocol change: CC, GH and GTA2 version number are no longer included in hosting notices. They are now read from the player list.