GTA2 Game Hunter v1.59

A new version of the best/only GTA2 multiplayer game finder has been released:

List of changes:

- Fixed a "Debug flags are different" bug
- Message displayed if host has "Exit on desync" ticked
- Message displayed if a game is created with "Play Replay" ticked
- gta2manager.exe is now the only acceptable filename for GTA2 Manager
- If there is a failure to modify a registry key, GH will show the value it attempted to set
- HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT modifications failures are no longer displayed since they aren't critital to GH operation
- No activity/anti idle message is no longer displayed
- Updated credits
- Fixed a bug that changed GH icon to a Santa hat on the 25th of every month instead of only in December

Link to GTA2 Game Hunter forum topic

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