Payback 2 iOS update v2.58 page linking to all Payback 2 versions Payback 2 changelog

v2.58, 18 March 2013:

  • Renamed the free version to “Payback²” and the full version to “Payback² Pro”
  • Your progress is now automatically restored if you reinstall the game
  • Added “tell a friend”
  • Locked episodes now show how many stars are needed to unlock them
  • Made the game slightly more generous when detecting bullet collisions
  • Tweaked shotgun bullet spread pattern to be more distributed
  • Tweaked coin awards in the free version
  • Updated translations

v2.55, 1 March 2013:

  • The free version’s unlock structure has been completely reworked
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when exiting an event
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause the player to shoot continuously
  • Fixed an intermittent bug that could cause sound effects to be temporarily disabled
  • Tweaked the difficulty of some levels


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