Saints Row: The Third – Cherished Memories #10

In our tenth and final Cherished Memory from Steelport, our favorite cheerleader uses Professor Genki’s All-Purpose Mollusk Launcher to hypnotize and detonate a gang of Luchadores. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Cherished Memories from Steelport. Now that the game is available, it’s time you go and make your own.

Saints Row: The Third is out

It’s available now for PC, PS3 and XBOX 360.

The time has come Citizens of Steelport. Saints Row 3 has officially been released to the public as of 12:01 AM this morning! We saw tons of you showing up at midnight openings around the United States, and even more of you playing the game throughout the morning.

Once the Saints were an upstart street gang, struggling for every inch of turf. Today, the Saints are a criminal empire that has seen it all. The only action that gets their blood pumping these days typically involves a combination of tigers, fighter jets, and/or furry costumes. Today, you can experience Saints Row: The Third for yourself. Today, you can experience an over-the-top guilty pleasure unlike anything you’ve played before. Today, you Strap It On!

Saints Row: The Third link

Epic GTA2 Map Editor (0.6.5) Beta

T.M. has released “Epic GTA2 Map Editor (0.6.5) Beta”. You can’t create maps with this but it’s great for editing zones, moving/rotating objects, decompiling scripts and taking screenshots.

Just a few of the features:

  • Open .mmp files in the editor by doubleclicking them.
  • View the map in the editor with no limits on zoom, take nice screenshots from your maps in any angle you wish. Also night mode with GTA2 lighting supported!
  • Edit the map zones with much cleaner way than ever before.
  • Display script objects in the map: cars, objects, chars, trains, etc. (requires .mis file for that map).
  • Edit script objects positions by mouse! (and rotations with keys).
  • Automatically detect if script file was modified, and easily reload it if you made changes in some other program.
  • Create any size map images automatically, with cars and other objects in them, also you can scale objects sizes as you wish!
  • Save 2048×2048 size minimap by just one click.
  • Test the map quickly from the editor by launching it in GTA2.
  • Convert SCR files into MIS files.

Get it from the forum

Saints Row: The Third – Pimps and Gimps

The Syndicate is comprised of ‘roided-out wrestlers, emo cyberpunks, and well-dressed Europeans. STAG is armed with hover jets, jet bikes, and a flying aircraft carrier. To take Steelport for the Saints and defeat your most dangerous/ridiculous enemies yet, you’re going to have to get creative. Assemble your team of pimps, gimps, zombies and, most importantly, the mayor of Steelport himself. Strap it on.