GTA2 Game Hunter v1.524

GTA2 Game Hunter

- Country alert sounds were only playing if you had clicked OK on the settings screen during that session
- GH reads GTA2 hosting status from the GTA2 window instead of probing ports for information
- Rearranged settings screen into tabs
- Suppressed "error during tabIRC" error messages
- Create Game focus always starts on the map list
- Added minimize to tray setting
- You can run executable files from GH by typing /run file.exe
- /crc now works with spaces in the path
- Removed ctrl+q quit hotkey because alt+f4 already quits and is less likely to be hit accidentally
- Disabled manual sending of SETNAME command
- If a bot changes your country while you are connected then SETNAME command is used to update full name with new country
- Country code is no longer sent as a notice to every joiner
- Added to about box
- GH version number is displayed as a tooltip when hovering over a name in the player list
- Protocol change: CC, GH and GTA2 version number are no longer included in hosting notices. They are now read from the player list.

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