Multi Theft Auto v1.0.3 is out

This important update addresses a variety of high priority gameplay and network issues. Since most of the fixes for these issues took place in the server software, clients that are playing on older servers may still be affected. Therefore, if you’re running any v1.0.x servers, we strongly advise you to upgrade for the benefit of your players.

Download and full changelog:

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GCAP 2009 What I hate

The Game Connect Asia Pacific conference was finalized with a discussion entitled “What I hate about video games: A critic’s perspective”.

Jason Hill had some harsh words to say about Rockstar Games.

I hate Rockstar for pretending that they are pushing the medium forward. I hate them for courting controversy and hardly ever having the balls to answer the phone when inevitably the shit hits the fan. Do you really want to make art or just money? Defend your art and your decisions.

Link: Jason Hill’s Screen Play blog