GTA IV PC patch

Today we released a Maintenance Update for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. This update ensures all copies of the game are properly aligned for the next gold master build pressing. We have also improved the resource management numbers to detect and adjust accordingly to different operating systems.

Like all previous updates, this contains all the fixes from past title updates, so there is no need to re-install previous patches if you have to re-install the game for any reason. A direct link to download Maintenance Update can be found here. For more details and download links for other languages, check out the Grand Theft Auto IV PC support page.

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  1. “the next gold master build pressing” what is that??

  2. That’s the disc they duplicate and sell. I guess they are adding some changes to the disc, probably including some of the updates so new buyers don’t have to download them. They might also change/remove copy protection but that’s just a guess.

  3. why when do games gta mp

  4. That comment doesn’t make sense.

  5. haha. looks like bad translated Chinese.

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