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A patch will be released for the 360 version of Saints Row 2, which will address a few key issues presented by the community. There will be tweaks to Multiplayer in order to promote smoother and more balanced game play. All of the applicable balance changes and improvements listed here will be included in an upcoming PS3 patch. Due to technical differences between the PS3 and the Xbox 360, a number of the changes made in this patch do not apply to the PS3 edition of Saints Row 2.

This patch has been submitted to Microsoft, with an established release date pending. Once the patch has completed the certification process and a release date is known, the information will be announced to the community.


  • Correcting the co-op mission completion and Achievement issues.
  • Implemented protection against disc read errors. May reduce or eliminate crashes experienced by some users.
  • Players will no longer be able to change the “Friendly Fire” setting during the Cat & Mouse diversion.
  • Players will no longer be able to access the weapon radial menu during the Demolition Derby activity, including all Special Derbies.
  • Correcting an issue with scripted attack helicopters not firing missiles during missions.


  • Pipe Bombs will be removed from the default MP weapon loadout when a game begins.
  • The default time / score limit for Team Gangsta Brawl will change from “5 min / 25 kills” to “10 min / 50 kills”.
  • A 5 second period of invincibility will be applied to respawning players. Once an invulnerable player performs an attack, the effect will be removed. Invulnerability will be displayed by a special health bar indicator.

A final date has not been set for the release of this patch, since it still needs to pass Microsoft certification, but once the exact date is known, everyone will be informed.


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