Australian censorship paper censored

A proposed public consultation process for the introduction of an R18+ rating for video games in Australia has suffered a setback, with a draft discussion paper on the issue rejected by South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson.

“Mr. Atkinson is actually censoring debate on censorship, and there’s a whole lot of irony in that,” Curry said of Atkinson’s decision. “We’re going to try and put the paper forward again as soon as possible.” – Aussie R18+ public consultation delayed – Censoring the censorship debate

GTA IV PS3 trophies

The v1.3 update for GTA IV PS3 has been released to support the trophy system, similar to the XBOX 360 achievement system. When you load a save created with a previous version, you will be informed that the trophies are not retroactive, in other words, you have to start a new game to earn trophies.

The full list of trophies/achievements can be viewed on the achievement section of Rockstar’s site.

San Andreas arrives on Xbox Live next week

Microsoft have announced that GTA: San Andreas will be available to purchase on Xbox Live next week for 1200 Points. The disc version of the game is already compatible with Xbox 360 systems but the addition to the Xbox Originals lineup on Xbox Live marks the first time that a Grand Theft Auto title has been distributed digitally on a console.

Americans should mark their calendars for Monday but gamers elsewhere may face a longer wait as Microsoft is yet to confirm plans outside of North America. The game will cost $14.99 in real money.


Lazlow: GTA IV DLC is “more missions and characters”

Grand Theft Auto’s most famous DJ has begun talking about the series again, this time giving a little detail on what fans can expect from the forthcoming Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content.

While appearing on the US-based “Opie and Anthony Show”, Lazlow Jones said that the DLC is “more missions and a bunch of other content”. He expands his revelation by claiming that the release will also see the addition of new characters to the Liberty City world.

Xbox Live members will be able to get their hands on the content some time in the next few months, although a precise release date has yet to be pinned down by either Rockstar or Microsoft.

source: Opie and Anthony Show

Saints Row 2 is officially out on 360 and PS3

The sequel to Saints Row should be out worldwide now. It can’t compare to GTA IV graphically or match the “realistic” physics but it certainly stands a chance of beating it in the fun factor. It is much less serious than GTA IV, so they were able to put in many fun gameplay elements. If you liked the first Saints Row or even San Andreas then you should like this since it’s very similar and has some new features and improvements.