Video Game Censorship

Ask an average Australian about censorship and chances are they'll tell you it's a bad thing.

Banned: the absurdity of Australia's game rating regime - article

This is an old video but unlike the Q and A video, this one is an informed discussion.

Should R18+ video games be allowed in Australia? - February 2008 - Sunrise (morning show)

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  1. It’s always nice to see a country treat their adult citizens like they’re children, keep it up!

  2. the way i look at it, if you see violence in a movie its ok, so why is it so different for video games? the thing these people dont get is most games are not ment for children! the average age of gamers these days is 16 to 28! and if your little kid is playing games like grand theft auto, its not the game makers fault, your just a bad parent!!!!! why shoud everyone else suffer becose you cant control what your kids do?
    p.s. australia is now the only place in the WORLD that dosent have an R18 system, dosent that tell you somthing!

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