Play Magazine GTA IV multiplayer preview

  • Deathmatch + Team Deathmatch: 16 players
  • GTA Race: 16 players
  • Mafiya Work: 8 players
  • Team Mafiya Work: 16 players (in up to 8 separate teams of 2 players)
  • Cops n’ Crooks: 16 players (in two teams of up to 8 players each)
  • Hangman’s Noose: 4 players
  • Free roam: 16 players
  • The game appears to use the Eastern European/Russian spelling of Mafia – “Mafiya”
  • The magazine maintains like many others that the differences between the PS3 and XB360 versions of the game are undetectable “with the naked eye”
  • Multiplayer games are accessed from the in-game cell phone in a similar manner to that of Burnout Paradise’s quick launch menuv
  • The host can control the time of day that the match takes place
  • The host also controls the location of the match by choosing from a predefined set of levels in Liberty City
  • Levels sampled by editors included Colony Island, Francis International Airport and Broker
  • Police intervention can be turned on or off by the host prior to starting a game
  • Multiplayer character customization is very detailed – you can change what the character is wearing right down to their choice of eyewear and accessories
  • Thanks to Play Magazine, GTA Gaming and for the news.

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