GTA2 Game Hunter v1.486

  • If you join a game, GH copies the 2 to 6 player versions of the MMP files from the tempMMP folder (if they exist) into the GTA2 data folder. There was code to do that long ago but it was broken since one of its variables was being increased by some unrelated code.
  • If you were hosting a game and started it or clicked cancel but didn’t close the GTA2 network window then your status appeared as “GTA2” to you but as “-” to everyone else. It should now correctly display as “GTA2” to everyone else.
  • Fixed a hosting bug with MMP files that were only 1 character long (Error during launch: Invalid procedure call or argument – Line: 890)
  • GH create game form is now modal (if it’s open you can’t click on the main GH form)
  • If you pushed create game in GH while the create game form was already open then the list of maps didn’t load correctly and was mostly empty
  • I made an attempt to stop the messagebox popup bug that sometimes happens when you join a Hamachi game
  • /wi now displays the players GH version and some other information
  • /h /host /IP now display your external host name
  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\DMA Design Ltd\GTA2\Debug\play_replay registry key is deleted when you close GH. This stops GTA2 from always starting in replay mode (it could happen if you imported the registry key on Mal’s Race site or just ticked play_replay in GTA2 power manager)
  • Download from the GTA2 page

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