GTA2 Game Hunter v1.485

  • Fixed some bugs that could make GTA2 start with a different map selected than what was chosen in GH
  • Added map name and MMP filename to the “You need to download and install this map” message
  • Kick messages now display name of the person/bot who performed the kick
  • Fixed a bug that changed your “hosting” status to “GTA2” whenever another player closed their hosted game
  • Fixed a bug that displayed a % sign in front of a halfops name
  • gta2gh.hamachi file is now saved in “documents” folder instead of the GH folder (this file is used to tell hamachi what network to join)
  • if gta2gh.hamachi can’t be created then hamachi.exe is run without any command line arguments
  • GH no longer tries to give the Hamachi window focus since it can take care of that on it’s own
  • removed twozero server from IRC list since it no longer works
  • Download from the GTA2 page

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