GTA2 Game Hunter v1.483

  • Moved the flag images to the first column to fill in the blank space
  • GH can now detect if GTA2 is waiting for joiners. If GTA2 is not waiting for joiners then your game will be removed from the server list
  • New detection method should fix the bug that instantly removed some games just after being created
  • Added new status messages: “GTA2” (GTA2 is in your process list) and “hosting” (GTA2 is waiting for players to join).
  • Fixed “processing error: Index out of bounds Line: 3350” when trying to join a passworded game that no longer existed
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes incorrectly left the GTA2 folder box in settings empty
  • Hosting now works even if your GTA2 folder is write protected (common problem with Windows Vista)
  • Added context menu to richtextboxes (you can now copy, cut, paste etc using the mouse)
  • Browse for folder dialog now starts at GTA2 folder (if one was previously selected), instead of “My Computer” (doesn’t always work)
  • If wil.raw is missing, GH now displays a browse for folder dialog box and makes it more clear which folder is currently selected
  • “in game” status message removed since it wasn’t perfect. You will still see that status from people using older versions of GH.
  • GH now counts and displays the amount of time GTA2.exe was in the process list
  • changed colour of “was granted access” message from red to green
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