2006-01-23 The MTA:SA R1.0 client has been released. Read the PlanetGTA.com MTA review . The main MTA site appears to be overloaded right now. You can download the client from thegtaplace.com .

2006-01-22 The server for MTA:SA has been released and according to their site , the client will be released tomorrow.

2006-01-19 The fix in 1.459 that made the game removed from list message only appear once, actually stopped games hosted with routers from being removed. So here is 1.4592 to fix it. GTA2 Game Hunter v1.4592 beta 251KB

  • Hosted games can now be password protected
  • Sound alerts can now be played if your name is mentioned or you receive a private message
  • Previously you had to wait for a sound to end before you could type, now sounds are played asynchronously so there is no delay.
  • "game has been removed from the list" will only be displayed once instead of twice
  • The create game button in GH is now disabled when you join a game
  • Removed CRC code since it wasn’t actually used for anything
  • If GH pinged someone at the same time you were changing the ping value in the settings an error was displayed
  • Removed the extra slash from "You have more than 100 .mmp files in \\data folder"
  • If your name was in use and the name GTA2Guy was in use, sometimes GH could get stuck in a loop asking you for a new name. It no longer asks for a new name and just gives you a random name.
  • Games with a host address larger than 50 characters were previously unjoinable. One too many nulls was being written to "UseConnectiond" registry key. This prevented GTA2 network screen from appearing when trying to join those games. It was a rare event. One ISP that I noticed trigger this problem had a host address like this "CPE000c00000000-CM00000000a000.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com".

2006-01-17 GTAT SA 0.3c has been released. "Here again an important update to make server and of course the client much more stable. The net code has been modified to be faster and more secure now." "I put also a small script with carshop in, but we still need help with our big community script."

2006-01-10 If you have a Polish, Russian or any version of GTA2 that has different text on the GTA2 network screen, please tell me what the text says.

These are the ones that I know "Network GTA2, GTA2 en réseau, Netzwerk GTA2, GTA2 en red, Rete GTA2". gtaT 0.3b has been released. It’s a multiplayer mod for SA and this version has fully rewritten netcode and should be more stable. The server has been updated to v0.3b.2 and is now much faster.

2006-01-03 A short video of GTAMultiplayer’s San Andreas mod was released on New Years Day. It’s 14MB WMV and shows off a driveby feature.