SanAn Scram v2.8 is out. It’s a multiplayer GTA2 race to see who can get to the most checkpoints points first. Download it from Pyro’s GTA2 site
MultiSlayer 4.5 beta 11 has been released. It is a large GTA2 multiplayer map using GTA1 textures.
VC:MP 0.1b was released a few days ago. It’s a multiplayer mod for Vice City.

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.44 beta 239KB

  • Fixed a major bug: If you had a firewall/router blocking port 113, the login process would not complete. No error was displayed, so it appeared that no one was online, even if there were people online. The login process will complete now.
  • The Windows accessibility feature "Sticky keys" should now be disabled every time you run GH
  • Your GTA2 version is displayed below the "Sign Out" button
  • The GTA2 folder text box is now always disabled while signed in
  • GTA2 username, location and folder are now made grey when disabled

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.439 beta

  • The GTA2 option "Show player names" is no longer forced on
  • If GTA2 is open, all player join messages in GH display "(-)" instead of an incorrect ping value
  • Changed the shortcut key for launching GTA2 Manager from "control + m" to "F8" because "control + m" triggers the enter key
  • Changed the shortcut key for creating a game to "control + g" because "control + c" is used for copying text

SanAn Scram v2.7 is out. It’s a multiplayer GTA2 race to see who can get to the most checkpoints points first. Download it from Pyro’s GTA2 site

Tiny Town no arrow 18KB
This is Tiny Town but with the player arrows removed. Extract to GTA2\data and run "no_arrow_install.bat". Select "Tiny Town no arrow" map to play.

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.438 beta

  • Fixed a bug that prevented GTA2 from being launched, if you tried to join a game hosted by a player that no longer had the same name
  • Browse for folder dialog box is now resizable

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.437 beta

  • Now you are only set away if GTA2 has been running for 30 seconds
  • The game list is no longer disabled to avoid a bug that sometimes left it disabled
  • If a user quit at the same time as you were joining (before the country list had been built), GH would display an error because it was unable to remove a country from the list that didn’t exist yet. The error was "processing error: Invalid procedure call or argument". To solve it, GH now displays "-" next to every name until it fetches the actual country.

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.436 beta

  • Changed the black line under the menu to standard 3D style
  • Fixed a problem that displayed an incorrect ping value next to join messages, if GTA2 was open
  • Removed some debug code that forced GH to detect everyone as having a router

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.435 beta

  • Fixed more bugs relating to away and games being left in the list
  • Messages relating to games should all be the same dark yellow colour now
  • [away] is added to the start of your name when GTA2 is running and removed when GTA2 is closed
  • Put "…" browse button in a picture box so it’s not changed by XP themes
  • Removed grey blob
  • Nick change and kick messages are displayed in green
  • Made the About box wider so the title fits in more themes
  • Help is now opened in your default text editor, instead of notepad
  • Changed chat box font back to fixedsys, so it matches the received messages/history font (it’s also what mIRC does)

Pyro fixed the crash bug in GTA2 SanAn Scramble. It’s a multiplayer race for GTA2, using the San Andreas map from GTA1.

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.431 beta

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.43 beta