NABU PC emulators
NABU MAME Windows x64 2023-11-28 - download NABU PC emulator by brijohn
NABU MAME source code by brijohn
NABU MAME readme.txt
Marduk by Licca and zDebel - Windows x86 and x64 builds
Marduk by Licca and zDebel - C source code
PSP port of Marduk - Currently runs slower than the real thing.
PS Vita port of Marduk - Currently runs faster than the real thing.

NABU Internet Adaptor software NABU Internet Adapter by DJ Sures C# closed source Internet Adapter C# open source
NABU NetSim by GryBsh C# open source
nabud by thorpej C open source
NABU-Loader by Sark2338 Python open source
JavaNabuAdapter Java open source
JavaScript adapter by masto All you need is Chrome

NABU forums and discord forum
NABU MAME forum thread
NABU Discord

NABU hard drive image with MBASIC - this is not the same as NABU BASIC
NABU Basic commands - start NABU BASIC in the cycle menu by going to shortcut and typing NABU
NABU BASIC random lines and circles example
NABU BASIC "music" example