Where can I download GTA2?

GTA2 v11.44 (Windows 11 compatible*) – [17MB] (this version has no music or intro, I should really add them back in sometime, I made this years ago)

I recommend installing to “c:\games” or your documents folder. Installing to “c:\program files” is not a good idea since that folder is often protected by Windows and may prevent GTA2 and GTA2 Game Hunter from writing to the folder. If GTA2 crashes on launch then right click on the icon and select “Run as administrator”. The installer doesn’t create any desktop shortcuts or start menu items, so you’ll have to do that yourself.

Running GTA2 in Windows 98/ME compatibility mode can help reduce some crashes.

If you want to play GTA2 on Linux, read this guide.

* May require running as admin, changing folder permissions or offering a sacrifice to the GTA2 gods.

About this release

This is an unofficial version of GTA2, so don’t expect any support from Rockstar Games. It has numerous unofficial bug fixes and improvements patched into the executable. If you would like to know exactly what has changed, see the gta2.exe changelog.

Due to all these changes, this release is the ONLY release supported by GTA2 Game Hunter. Now that you have this release, you do not need any other patches.

How do I play online?

Get GTA2 Game Hunter – the best way for finding GTA2 multiplayer opponents. It’s a small and free program that can be used to meet GTA2 players, hang out and play GTA2 multiplayer games. Warning: May require hours of port forwarding/firewall troubleshooting.

GTA2 tools and editors

You can get GTA2 tools and editors here.

GTA2 official printable maps and manual

GTA2 PDF maps – 2MB

This PDF contains images of the Downtown, Residential and Industrial maps that were included with the boxed version of GTA2.

GTA2 PDF manual – 635KB

There are several mistakes in the manual. The multiplayer section sounds like they are describing GTA1, you can’t select a character in GTA2. The error used to be mentioned on the support site.

GTA2 guides and other info:

Old versions of GTA2 required setting your desktop to 16bit colours to run the game in a window but v11.39 and newer can run in a window with 32bit colours (the menu has display glitches).

GTA2 network setup information and the list of ports that need forwarding. – 100KB

Ben Millards’s GTA2 multiplayer tips

digitalfl’s GTA2 multiplayer tips

Step by step guide to starting a GTA2 multiplayer game without using Game Hunter

Other GTA2 sites – Grand Theft Auto Wiki – contains item/vehicle location maps for all cities – The modern GTA sections are very popular but the old school forum doesn’t get many posts anymore.

GTA2 multiplayer screenshots – All taken by Sektor, years ago, mostly to keep a record of the Australian GTA2 players.

73 thoughts on “GTA2”

  1. Try running gta2manager, going to debug tab and untick skip frontend.

    I think that might also happen if your test1.seq was modified, in that case, install the original file again.

  2. I have the original cdrom, is there any way to make the radio work and copy the movies over? I also found the anolog controls unplayable due to large deadzones and high sensitivity.

  3. Hello,
    I tried this new version but as soon as I start a new game and begin to move, the screen moves out of the player as I use the turn and walk controls.

  4. Soon out player start new begin to the a moves this?:

    Screen move, but. I soon a start game and walk to of this tried version.

    Moves a but soon. I this of move?:

    A new…
    Ok Close Alkalmaz.

  5. Fatal Error 16 in (null)(328)
    Unable to open file : data\jointmap.gmp
    Coop v11.44
    How can i fix it? Older versions work just fine

  6. How do I make the game run with ThirteenAG’s widescreen patch? It won’t start at all.
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

  7. Widescreen patch doesn’t work for me either. I tried to rewrite various values in .ini, but nothing helped. Also gamepad support is very buggy. I have Windows 10 64-bit

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