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Death Mobile Glitch

Posted: 15 Jun 2017, 04:26
by Devastator
So I play around a lot in the main city maps but the ones used for multiplayer. It always bugged me that the gang zones were undefined, causing them to spawn green & blue cop remap gang members (remap 1). So I got around to defining all the gang zones to have the proper remaps, except I have the respect-o-meter / ID arrow markers set to 0, (nifty thing I learned, Gang cars will not spawn if an ID marker is not set & starting respect is set to 0).
Because the ID markers weren't set, & the bil.mis script creates three gang cars, they do not have the proper gang logo, causing them all to default to a spinning kill frenzy token on top of the car. You can't collect it, but it's fun to drive around killing people with it.

Re: Death Mobile Glitch

Posted: 16 Jun 2017, 02:18
by elypter
yeah, ive seen those too. its amazing that the animation works. has anyone tried negative values yet?