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Re: Cage Maps

Posted: 06 Nov 2014, 14:40
by Serial Killer
why were i bullshitted? orange shield blocks destroy the reality of the game. it's not bullshitting. You're launching rocket, then rocket booms in air, its very stupidly thing so i removed that orange blocks, Galactic. :|

Re: Cage Maps

Posted: 07 Nov 2014, 13:36
by Galactic Boy
And you did all this changes without permission.

1. You had removed pipes in the "Criminal City",
2. You had changed the tiles of the "Criminal City Stadium",
3. You had changed the codes of automatic bullets in the "Tank Robbery!",
4. You had removed elvises in the "Derby!",
5. You had changed prison lane in the "Criminal City",
6. You removed the orange shield blocks in Cage Maps.

That 6 statements prove that the real burglar is you. You reply that posts to only increasing your rank I think and I won't post you any map after time and don't write to unnenessary posts to my topics and don't change anything of my maps without my permission, otherwise I will report you to the administrator! :evil: