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Tiny Scientist Town

Posted: 29 Sep 2012, 08:37
by Galactic Boy
Tiny Scientist Town is a map that added with the Scientist Gang and 6 Scientist players.

Re: Tiny Scientist Town

Posted: 11 Nov 2012, 06:25
by Galactic Boy
I'll be waiting your votes.

Re: Tiny Scientist Town

Posted: 12 Nov 2012, 20:56
by BenMillard
Better use of edge textures but can't you see the windows are wrong on every other block?!

Starting 130 levels is completely pointless when you don't finish them. Nobody plays them. You are wasting your time with this approach.

Focus on one level that is original and people tell you is fun. Then make it refined, better use of textures, fair respawn points and weapon balance. Then you might have 1 level out of 100 that people actually play.

Re: Tiny Scientist Town

Posted: 12 Nov 2012, 22:17
by CarThief
Havent checked the map but looking at this image, and from various other "Tiny [insert Gang name] Town" map images, i believe all he's doing is retexturing Tiny Town, and then throwing in a script and other stuff. Not to say edits of official levels are bad in general (heck one of my maps is an edit of a bonus map), but in his case all he seems to have done is redo the textures, not add or remove anything in particular.

You really should put some more effort into the maps, if possible Galactic Boy. Like he said, you could make a 100 bad maps but no-one's gonna remember or play them, but make just one really good one and it will last for years. Also doesnt hurt to take a look on how others make their maps, develop your own style on map making, try doing different setups, buildings and shapes, keep things different yet city-like (unless you're not making a city). The official levels can be a good learning tool as well on how to make stuff, and then give it your own twist and see if it works.

As for gameplay elements in the map, i guess with experience you'll get an idea of where's a good place to put them depending on the map and scenario you're trying to build.