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Macau, Monaco & Suzuka Race

Posted: 29 Dec 2009, 21:50
by BenMillard
Featuring the main route with kerbs, water and pit lane. It uses the lowest possible ground level togive you maximum viewing distance. There are long, fast sections with sequences of flowing corners between them. The rich scenery of bridges, trees, skyscrapers and grandstands for Macau and Monaco would take too long to build.

Download: Macau, Monaco & Suzuka Race for GTA2.

ImageImageImageImage or Bigger map (2048x2048, 160kB)

Reference for Macau
Map Editor Compatibility
This level uses the graphics from Golden Lap by Heri, Razor, et al:

I found f1.sty crashed the editor so I made an editor compatible f1-editor.sty (2.4MB). Turned out quite well on the 2nd attempt (click for bigger images):
Image Image Image

Initially, I used Import, then click No, then set 2 as the Palette Index. This created a Black-and-White effect...not ideal but usable. For the 2nd attempt, I did Import on the first custom texture, clicked Yes, then replaced Palette Index 2. This switched all the re-imported textures to the full colour palette right away.

Vike knows about this issue and might look into it.

Car Handling
I decided to approach this differently: instead of making different cars handle the same, I'll just make GT-A1 handle properly. I've documented what I know about GTA2 handling. It's not much but maybe it helps other people go further. The new handling is included as macau.gci.

You will probably hate it at first. But with practice, you learn to slow down for sharp turns and take proper racing line through medium and high speed. Top speed I've reached is 0.659 compared to GT-A1 0.450. Highest possible top speed is 0.675 because a diagonal straights give higher speeds. (Because you can see further, I suppose.)

The tyres only skid when you are turning hard at high speed or when changing direction sharply.

Re: Golden Lap - Betatests

Posted: 02 Jan 2010, 04:09
by BenMillard
45 Degree Kinks
Bigger image (800x600) showing how I must make very long kerbs for short 45 degree kinks. (They would be even longer if I fixed the parts with yellow circles.)

Creating a kerb for the yellow triangle would let me use shorter kerbs here.

45 Degree Straights
Shifting corner graphics so they join 45 degree straights would allow lots more types of corner. Would also allow smoother joins between 90 degree straights and 45 degree straights.

Generally making 90 degree and 45 degree versions join better would reduce overall number of textures. (Fewer special versions.)

Other Kerbs
Just while I remember:
  1. 45 degree hairpins using parts from a 90 degree curve don't join. (Like end of pit lane in Macau Race.) 90 degree always has one red side and one white side; 45 degree kink always has red end.
  2. Very sharp 90 degree turn with kerb, based on Tile 172.

Re: Golden Lap - Betatests

Posted: 17 Jan 2010, 14:42
by BenMillard
The test version of Macau Race now has more of the coastline roughed out.

South-east area has my experiment for a cable-stayed bridge design. Other GTA2 map makers might find it interesting.

I changed direction of outside square to anti-clockwise, like Indianapolis. Main street circuit is still clockwise, like the real Macau GP track.

Re: Golden Lap - Betatests

Posted: 26 May 2012, 05:31
by BenMillard
Has it been an entire year since the previous Monaco GP? It's taking place this weekend.

Monaco Race is now in Macau Race. Just head to the North-West quarter of the map and you'll find a very rough version. Just an outline with new fences at the moment. The .sty file is now included in it (with kind permission) so you don't have to get Golden Lap for the graphics.

This only took 1 night to add, so believe me when I say it's rather rough! I have play-tested it and gameplay balanced it against the F1 handling a bit.

Re: Macau, Monaco & Suzuka Race

Posted: 08 Jun 2012, 01:27
by BenMillard
A gameplay screenshot and a 'minimap' from TM's Epic Map Editor:

Recent Changes
  • Suzuka now has respawning cars in the pit lane.
  • Restored score numbers. This will eventually allow tournament races with any sets of rules.
  • Pit lane speed limiter automatically reduces your speed to 0.200! (A nice feature proved easy to code, for once.)
  • Suzuka lake near pit garages.
  • Service road from Suzuka Spoon to Monaco Rascasse.
  • Restore player arrows in macau.sty file.
  • Start lights now create 10-second looping animation.
  • Start lights go out on every 10th second, so you can start on round numbers or whole minutes.
  • Wall added to Suzuka hairpin approach.
  • Run-off areas added to most corners of Suzuka.
  • Wall added from Suzuka's Last Turn to pit lane.
  • Respawn roadblocks on a timer. (Tutorial started but not yet finished.)
Thanks to all testers so far.

Re: Macau, Monaco & Suzuka Race

Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 20:55
by Salamander
404 on screenshot 4 in your first post. s/jpg/png/ ?

Re: Macau, Monaco & Suzuka Race

Posted: 13 Jun 2012, 01:15
by BenMillard
Exactly that, thanks for reporting. The minimaps are out of date at the moment. I'll update them from time to time.

Re: Macau, Monaco & Suzuka Race

Posted: 15 Jun 2012, 23:59
by BenMillard
New version uploaded! Mostly landscape changes but Indianapolis is a lot more playable now.
  • Curved tunnel entry and exit for Monaco.
  • Monaco tunnel now has mesh roof, to simulate reduced visibility.
  • Completely re-built pit lane for Indianapolis.
  • Doubled the pit garages to give Indianapolis a much longer and wider pit lane than the other tracks.
  • Indianapolis given complete start lights with repeaters along a 48-car grid.
  • 6 cars spawn in the Indianapolis pit lane, in the garages towards the exit.
  • Timed lights for all starting grids.
  • Each pit garages and pit wall booth now has a light.
  • Macau pit entry starts earlier to give space for chicane, like the real track.
  • Macau pit garages now have a thick column between each team, to spread out the pit boxes. (Suzuka already has this and Monaco won't have it.)

Re: Macau, Monaco & Suzuka Race

Posted: 22 Jul 2012, 18:01
by BenMillard
Respawning objects tutorial is now complete. Well, complete enough for people to re-use the code and techniques.

Re: Macau, Monaco & Suzuka Race

Posted: 23 Jul 2012, 19:19
by Pyro
BenMillard wrote:Respawning objects tutorial is now complete. Well, complete enough for people to re-use the code and techniques.
You forgot to add a link to the main tutorial page :P

PS - Off-topic but, any progress on the other tutorial updates?

Re: Macau, Monaco & Suzuka Race

Posted: 24 Jul 2012, 12:56
by BenMillard
Oops, links added now that it's released.

The other updates to our/your tutorials aren't happening at the moment. This week I'm off work but it's finally Summer weather in London! Got a lot of catching up to do but enjoying the sunshine comes first. 8-)

(EDIT) Here's a changelog I update as an e-mail draft. Might help newer modders see the sort of detail work that goes into making a good level into something really finished.
  1. Curved tunnel entry and exit for Monaco.
  2. Pit lane for Indianapolis.
  3. Timed lights for all starting grids.
  4. Restore score numbers.
  5. Pit lane speed limit:
    1. * Create large “pitlane” zones for each pit area.
    2. Pseudo-code:[mis]IF (playerN in “pitlane”) THEN
      IF (playerN faster than 0.200) THEN
      Disable controls
      Enable controls
    3. This lazy checking lets the speed bounce around the limit, so it sounds like a real-life jerky pit limiter.
    4. It also means if you scream into a pit lane too fast, you lose steering. A bit like locking up the brakes in a panic to aviod hitting the pit crews.
  6. Screenshot from game.
  7. Suzuka lake near pit garages.
  8. Service road from Suzuka Spoon to Monaco Rascasse.
  9. Restore player arrows in macau.sty file
  10. Start lights from GMP animation with correct palettes.
  11. Wall before Suzuka hairpin.
  12. Wall from Last Turn to pit lane.
  13. Split to new topic.
  14. Respawn roadblocks on a timer.
  15. Respawn barriers for Monaco end_1 and end_3.
  16. Upward timer
  17. Correct axles and respawn other F1 cars
  18. Move lights 1-2 blocks ahead of Pole Position.
  19. Monaco lighting gantry.
  20. Pit exit lines for dashed road markings!
  21. Straight, 45°, curve and dot.
  22. Water in the harbour!