Pistol Box - 6p

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Pistol Box - 6p

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This is my first multiplayer map, what is officially planned to be a multiplayer map. (ACS is singleplayer)


Description: This is just a basic box shaped fighting area. Still can be fun. It's available for 6 players, and there are only pistols and fists are available to kill each other. The heal pickup has a 33 seconds delay. All the pistols respawn immediately.
Here are some screenies:




I hope you like it! :)

PS: I know that i should be making South Town right now, i made this mostly to test lighting. It worked. But this map is also fun so i decided to upload it.
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Re: Pistol Box - 6p

Post by BenMillard »

A bright and interesting architecture. You could fill in the corners with the special diagonal slopes. Look at North end of TRON: Light Cycles to see how.

Weapons must be 1.5 blocks away from player start points. Any closer and the game will crash if they run forwards and get the weapon straight away. Jumping onto a weapon directly from the start point within first few seconds can also cause a crash. You can put weapons directly under respawn points. You just need some distance for the start positions.

Pistol and Machine Gun arenas are pretty boring. The timed Health might make it a bit more interesting.

Oh, you could lower the yellow floor so it is at the bottom of the environment. The camera stays at normal height, so you can see further. Pure Zooka Arena does that. You can Play Alone on that level to see it - we played it yesterday I think.

(EDIT) The last screenshots shows you haven't used the correct Flip and Rotate settings in the editor. If you get it right, those rows of bricks will all go West-East. Look at South East corner of Tiny Hidden Surprise Arena to see how intricate that can get.

I really like how the fight might spill out into the crowd.

Providing Molotov and Shotgun might work well. You could knock the player over with Molotov, then run in for a kill with Shotgun. Punching would still play a role, too.

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Re: Pistol Box - 6p

Post by Galactic Boy »

Download link has broken. I can't download the map. :(

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