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BFF-MEME / meme.gmp

Posted: 27 Dec 2011, 18:31
by elypter
This map is based on BFF-nyan.

It already had some memes and rage-comic characters. Now you can find all of them and more. the only thing thats missing is that you cannot shoot arrows into knees (yet?) ;)
I also added edge tiles to the floor and roofs to make the map a bit more visually appearing in general, made cars take 1 rocket as long as they are not burning, rewote most of the mis code and ported it to cst for easier modding.

But the main feature is the gang system. Each gang vehicle has its own special features:
Balancing edit: added, removed

unfortunately i cannot put the image and the description side by side
  • Muffin Eyes: very hard to destroy but no vehicle machinegun, handbreak lets it rotate quickly allowing to destroy other cars by crash damage.
  • Purple Smart: vehicle bomb, teleport, flame proof
  • Yellow Quiet: only explodes with 1 rocket if it is burning big, 4 times the mass of usual cars, mines, instant bomb, increase gang respect for all gangs
  • Cyan Fast: extreme speed, drive over cars, instant bomb, gets destroyed by only 1 rocket (not a feature ;) )
  • Apple Hat: bullet proof, invulnerable redneck gang
  • Fashion White: double firerate turret, clear wantedlevel and increase to 4 for others
  • Sister Moon: bulletproof, rocketproof, switch between day and night by pressing horn
  • Party Pink: fast acceleration, fast turning speed, bus door, flame proof
meme.gmp on maplist incl. download

Re: BFF-MEME / meme.gmp

Posted: 26 Mar 2012, 17:55
by elypter
recent changes:

dh/Ice Cream:
-the vehicle can take a lot of damage but has no vmg
-handbrake makes it rotate quickly and turns it into a weapon

rd/SRS Scientists:
gets destroyed by one rocket now for better balancing

-switch between day and night by pressing horn

-increase gang respect for all gangs
-made bus a bit faster on first gear

-invulnerable redneck gang

-clear wantedlevel and increase to 4 for others
-doubled the fire rate of the turret

-gang respect drops faster now but can be increased by getting in the respective car
-respawnpoints are now more randomised
-portal theme at northwest
-imported special characters
-pony intro message
-put respawning gang vehicles at the respawn points

Re: BFF-MEME / meme.gmp

Posted: 29 Mar 2012, 18:36
by elypter
btw: if you have own stuff you want to add send it to me or add it yourself. but please tell me first if it could conflict with things that are already in the map.