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Paper maps !

Posted: 26 Nov 2011, 19:53
by Tony_Gum
Hello everyone :) ,

Here are the creations of my imagination, think about you?
The first is "gang's confrontation." Obviously on the map, there are pedestrians everywhere, can be put a way, I do not know.
The second is "war zone", a pleasure to mix the walls (you can dead if you go in water) ...
gang confrontation.jpg
gang confrontation.jpg (34.4 KiB) Viewed 8777 times
war zone.jpg
war zone.jpg (70.16 KiB) Viewed 8777 times

Re: Paper maps !

Posted: 26 Nov 2011, 20:45
by Cuban-Pete
Look like some good idea's. Perhaps the modders/map builders will pick it up. :-)

Re: Paper maps !

Posted: 26 Nov 2011, 21:02
by Gustavob
I can make it, but could you explain it a bit more?
Are those gang signs ( [gang] ) supposed to be the Instant Gang pickup and the Instant Gangs would fight each other while you fight other players and their gangs? Or are these gangs going to appear at the start of the game and fight each other and you just fight the players (this question was probably stupid)? Also, where should the players start in the second map? I'm affraid those "buildings" can't be made with a wall at that angle, either they are going to be a square/rectangle, a weird shape or a triangle

Re: Paper maps !

Posted: 26 Nov 2011, 21:15
by BenMillard
Drawing levels on paper is a good idea. Using a pencil gently lets you rub it out and try again. That's what I did for Jailbreak, although the exact size of things does need gameplay testing as soon as you start using the editor.

The gameplay of those levels looks like it would be extremely boring. Pistol as the only weapon?! That sucks. Try playing the Western level by Kamil. Great concept, fairly well designed and textured. But the gameplay is rubbish because you've only got Dual Pistol with some powerups! That's why nobody plays it.

You need to provide action-packed gameplay. It has to be easy to understand right from the start; that's why DeCon Labs and Army Base are based on simple destructive tasks. Nobody plays Jailbreak because there isn't enough action...and because of that I'm not going to finish it.

MultiSlayer Cops & Robbers is the concept everyone wants but by definition that means the objectives are complicated. GTA2 itself doesn't really the ability to make that gameplay simple enough for players to understand it soon enough; so they get bored and nobody plays it. So that's another level I'm not going to finish.

Macau Race wasn't popular at the start. Adjusting the handling, fine-tuning the route and making the cars respawn if they get destroyed have made it playable. The endless list of fixes we've made to the converted GTA1 levels meant they are better-made than the originals. But they only got adequate gameplay when we gave unlimited standard weapons to all players and put lots of Armour powerups around the city.

It's good to have imagination and ideas. But what makes a level popular is gameplay, which usually means rebuilding the whole thing from scratch 5 times and playing hundreds of different players. That's what my successful levels have needed, anyway.

Re: Paper maps !

Posted: 27 Nov 2011, 01:25
by Tony_Gum
Hello :) ,

I thank you for responding, I just arrived on the forum, I'm an old gamer ...

After much playing game Zooka Ra and jamal multisayer cage ... or, it was interesting to have strategies drawn. The game play of this game is made for accuracy, that is to say from experience. This was part of a more advanced. I am open to any possible changes

For "Confrontation gang", the strategy is to lead his gang into the main enemy, even kill his gang. There simply has a pistol shot thus creating a human armor.
I believe that if we take the gang is the gang becomes the enemy then it is worth our feet a machine gun. The principle of the car is a limousine with 5 mines or oil. Maybe there could be a way to add in the middle of the movement.

For "war zone", I wanted to have the players are leaving a gun each side of the equals. After one has to take risks to get the rocket launcher. Yes, we can not corner! then maybe a rectangle of grass or the fence. I do not know what to do about the length of this "building" left to take a chance of losing life or to replenish?!

I allowed myself to do it on paper because I am unable to build Gustavob, if you have time, and that you want to do, it would be a pleasure for me and the others if it's their like...


Re: Paper maps !

Posted: 30 Nov 2011, 10:38
by BenMillard
For the record, MultiSlayer Cage was made by me. It uses graphics converted from GTA1 by Delfi/JernejL.

Re: Paper maps !

Posted: 30 Nov 2011, 15:06
by elypter
BenMillard wrote:For the record, MultiSlayer Cage was made by me. It uses graphics converted from GTA1 by Delfi/JernejL.
i think he just forgot an "," and meant this map ... n_arena.7z

Re: Paper maps !

Posted: 30 Nov 2011, 15:16
by Sektor
Redneck Arena is fun with at least 3 players. Everyone gets shotgun and molotovs. Pistol, [fastreload], [doubledamage] and [armor] are given at random as your bonus weapon, all have their advantages. I don't play it often but it is good to have some alternatives to rocket arenas.