inject script runtime!

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inject script runtime!

Post by Shazdeh »

Can we inject an script file, either compiled or uncompiled, in the game during the runtime?

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Re: inject script runtime!

Post by Sektor »

Depends what you mean but I think the answer is no. No one has written a code injector for GTA2. It could be done but I can't do it.

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Re: inject script runtime!

Post by Gustavob »

You can launch a scriptfile in-game, for example when you answer a telephone.
But it just works if you have the uncompiled script of the map you are trying to do this, wich means you cant do this in Downtown and Residential Districts, only in Industrial and maps made by players with the *.mis file released.
It is used in Industrial District I think

I think you have to do like this:

Create a folder with the name of the original script
Then create the script you want to launch ingame and compile it
Put it on that folder
In the uncompiled script, put something like this:

Code: Select all

As the command says, its used for missions, althoug I think it doesnt work only for missions; but keep in mind that im not sure.
You just lost the game.

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