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Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 06 May 2010, 19:07
by Pyro
UPDATE: Now available to download, get it from
I am also working on a Capture the Vehicle game mode, read and comment about it here.

Greetings! :)

After a bit of faffing about and finally getting a hold of an IDE cable for my old hard drive to retrieve my old GTA2 stuff, I finally have recovered it (at last!) and able to now access it. Now that I have it I am going to try and sort the mess out and put everything out for public release (GMP, SCR, MIS and other files) so anyone who is interested can view my old stuff! :D

Just so you know, there is a LOT to filter, and have to compress each of the maps from the 4-6mb to 300-750kb with the compression tool by Delfi. Most of them should be compressed anyway but I'll check the remaining ones and compress them. Obviously I won't include (or try not to) stuff that already comes with GTA2 (music, the original maps, SCR and STY files etc) but will include anything I have modified (example would be miami.sty and sanan.sty from the old conversion of the GTA1 maps to GTA2 - aka CMP-2-GMP).

Another mention is that if you do decide to look at these files and have a nose through some of my MIS files that there is an awful lot of experimenting going on and possibly multiple versions of a MIS file, and the coding style is my way of doing it at that time, so you have been warned! Either way, hopefully it'll be of use to others and even has bits of code I used that never ended up on my scripting tutorials (may have a look into it and see what I can come up with, and if I can persuade Ben (Cerbera) to update them once I get round to it!).

As a final note, assuming I sort this stuff out I still get the feeling a ZIP file (or 7-Zip) might still be large and could be a problem trying to host it somewhere. Maybe I could poke Sektor about it if he is feeling generous :shock: I'll give the final size once it's sorted out and ready to be distributed.

Now then, time to get started sorting it out :)

Progress: 100% - completed and temporarily hosted on FileFront.

Final Notes: There is an awful lot included in the file including maps, scripts, mis files, sty files and other odds and sods. There are even one or two random maps that are not mine (some were for testing, and even have a test map done by Aqutiv ages ago as well as Illspirits Snowball City!). That said, should be something for the die-hards out there and for people who want new ideas from my scripts. A lot of unfinished work and prototypes in the maps/scripts and some god-awful stuff that I did. If you can get anything useful from it, great! But if you do please feel free to give me a mention :P

Hopefully the file can find a more permanent home other than FileFront in future but we'll see, hope to arrange something with Sektor if possible. But for now, it's here available for the masses. Have fun with it! :)

edit: Links removed. Need to remove all the files that Pyro didn't make.

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 06 May 2010, 21:37
by Razor
Mail me all your stuffs :D pirojkis A :> You dont have to complie all your maps. After zip/rar compreesion sizes are small!

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 07 May 2010, 11:37
by Cuban-Pete
Are there also (special) images in it?

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 07 May 2010, 14:36
by Razor

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 07 May 2010, 16:57
by Pyro
Cuban-Pete wrote:Are there also (special) images in it?
I'm not sure what you mean? There are some random car pictures and deltas in there which I dabbled with before if that's what you mean...
Nope - as I mentioned above that I have maps from other people and I don't claim to have made those. Only have things like that for things like helping test or even just playing them!

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 13 May 2010, 09:11
by B-$hep
Thanks alot Pyro for such great / unique stuff.
I found alot of interesting maps and scripts.

I also tested my compression with simpler maps in the archive.

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 22 May 2010, 17:55
by BenMillard
Good to see you back. Your old levels were a real treasure chest of ideas! Many could be incorporated into playable levels. That takes dozens of test games and re-releases to achieve, though. Awesome to have our grubby mitts on the files, though!

If any of them are releasable, you could ask Sektor to add a simple row for them in the GTA2 maps list. Might be worth refining the most promising ones, like making San Andreas Scramble more playable somehow. (You could use that code which stops scripted cars being moved by collisions to help bash civilian cars out the way, perhaps?)

Download link should go at the start of your opening message! Also, a link to your Boot Camp Bonus level would be shorter than the lump of speculation you've got at the end. A simple bullet list of the levels included just after the download link would also be handy.

(EDIT) Just downloaded. Could you arrange the files into one folder per level/experiment, please? Obviously can't install all of them by drag-drop that way but it would be easier for modders to study each one individually. Players would probably install one at a time based on recommendations from other friends, rather than adding the whole lot right away?

(EDIT2) Seems to be a lot of stuff which isn't yours in there. Original GTA2 files, some MultiSlayer stuff as well. Cleaning it up and organising into folders would help cut out redundant files, maybe make the download a lot smaller to.

(EDIT3) Could you set up a .mmp for each level? Then we can test them easily in Game Hunter and view easily in TradeMark's Map Viewer. (Creating an .mmp for each number of players supported makes that information a lot easier (and safer!) to discover, too.)

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 26 May 2010, 22:03
by Shazdeh
This collection is really good. I was going to host this on my own server, and I thought it's a good idea to enable users to download individual files. And then I thought again, maybe I could create an interface for it to ease the download and manage process. Here's what I came up within about 2 hours.

Click that text, it will turn into a textarea and will autosave what you type in. Clicking that heart icon removes that file.
Right now, I'm at home and because of my super slow internet connection I can't upload it. I'll do that tomorrow.
You are welcome to share ideas. (Is this stupid or useful? How to improve it? Something I missed?)

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 26 May 2010, 22:18
by Razor
nice idea :D als you could do some work with gta2maps :>

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 27 May 2010, 16:49
by Pyro
Sounds like a good idea.

Once you have it up I can edit their descriptions for each file (if you let me and would save sending you a huge e-mail/PM about it!). Also, maybe you can have some kind of filter for file types such as All, Maps (GMP), Style Files (STY), Mission Files (MIS), Script Files (SCR) and Other (pictures, cars, deltas etc). Maybe have little icons for them or something? Might sound a little much but it sounds familiar to a director listing script I have for PHP!


Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 29 May 2010, 10:01
by Shazdeh
Uploaded. Get the full file at <link removed> and visit <link removed> for individual files.
@Razor: what? :roll: what's that?
@Pyro: OK, I have some plans to make it better. But this is completely written by myself.

Edit: Links removed because they contain an old version of MultiSlayer

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 29 May 2010, 17:25
by BenMillard
The files would be self-describing if they were in one folder per level or experiment.

That downloads includes lots of generic stuff and stuff which Pyro didn't make. Please take it down until that's sorted out.

Especially remove the stuff from MultiSlayer. I want to avoid any more version confusion since that project is stable.

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 21 Dec 2010, 01:45
by elypter
I gave the files a rough look and i must say even the amount is quite impressive.
While exploring i also gave it a more practical structure:
  • sorted and grouped everything and put each map in an own folder
  • removed all default gta2 files
  • removed all maps from other authors (except snowball city becasue it is hosted nowhere else)
  • added .mmp files to all maps that at least have a script and a map
  • i put everything where i have no idea where it belongs to in the stuff folder ... _sorted.7z <- outdated. get the new one from resource_pakx

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 22 Dec 2010, 19:40
by BenMillard
I did about the same after I got it the first time. Thanks for re-upping in a better state than the original.

Illspirit was hosting is GTA2 stuff for a while, you could get to it via the old URLs. But yeah, seems offline now. I think !maps still has a copy.

San An Scramble is Pyro's own work, so that could go under "new_maps".

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 22 Dec 2010, 20:52
by elypter
With new maps i actually meant not released maps (new to me). San An Scramble was released officially already.
San An Scramble is Pyro's own work,
isn't everything from pyro except sc2 ?

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 23 Dec 2010, 09:36
by BenMillard
Ah, I see. Probably more useful to split it into "finished", "working" and "broken". This is useful work you're doing, although rather boring to carry out.

Here's a corrected MMP for SWAT (Pyro), so it uses swat.gmp instead of ste.gmp:

Code: Select all

GMPFile = swat.gmp
STYFile = ste.sty
SCRFile = swat.SCR
Description = SWAT Pyro
This level seems to require a custom GXTFile. The opening messages were like "All Yakuza missions complete". It crashed after I died and shot some prison cops. Playing it through to completion was easy on the 2nd try.

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 23 Dec 2010, 11:55
by elypter
i fixed it but did not reup it yet

updated. get the new one from resource_pakx

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 28 Aug 2011, 02:35
by alter78
I'm the creator of Mafia Town which did around 6 years ago together with my brother "el enano".
We created all the logic: guards, bots, taxi driver, etc.

So all the credit for Mafia Town should go to: Pablo Zacheo and Martin Zacheo.

If you need help with the script or to create a new maps please ask, I will be happy to help.
But be honest and at least mention the name of who created it originally.

I have submitted it to several GTA2mod sites along with a ZIP, a readme and an image showing the city of Pampaneira, Mafia Town.

Anyway it's nice that you guys still ran this community, I'll excited to be able to play online someday since all these years.

Have fun with the map and remember: have the decency to mention the real author of it.

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 28 Aug 2011, 05:52
by Pyro
As I mentioned in the description, not all of the files were mine and I do not take credit for them and never have so don't jump to conclusions. This was a collection of stuff that I had, both mine and others. The files I have should have been sorted properly I know.

Edit: You posted your message in four different posts identically, why? One post will do and the others are not needed, seriously... :roll:

Re: Pyro's Old GTA2 Stuff...

Posted: 28 Aug 2011, 23:45
by BenMillard
Seems fair enough to correct each record, as they are updated independently of each other. That said, reading the thread already covers the mixture of files in that package and that's why it was taken down.

Elypter sorted it and made a clean version available, or maybe it was just on his machine? Maybe you two could re-release a sorted version of that. Seems like a no-brainer if the work has already been done.

Your GTA1 conversion folder has some things which aren't in the more public package I've released. Particularly the GTA1: London 1969 mission work. The filenames are different so keeping your own stuff in your own release is fine, naturally.