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And Remember, Respect is Everything [ARRIE]

Posted: 07 Oct 2019, 10:16
by Hackmet
Hey folks,

since a while Iam working on a remake of the GTA2 Multiplayer part. I want to keep the gameplay experience as close as possible to the original game, but set it into a Havana/Cuba-environment and it will be completely in 3D :)
I originally started the project in UnrealEngine 4, you can see some pitures and videos of the project here.
Unfortunately, I kind of got stuck on the project at the end of last year. I mean, attempting to program an own game while being at the level of a slightly advanced script-kiddie is quite ambitious^^ I learned a lot from my UE4 attempt, but decided to restart the project a lot cleaner in the godot-Engine, which is more suitable for my needs.
During the past half year I could achieve some quite good progress, I would say (considering that I still have a job and two small kids begging for attention). You can follow the progress of my project on my YouTube-Channel:
Link To Playlist

I will keep you up-to-date here about the progress and would also be glad to get any comments/critics. Especially the core gameplay-dynamics are not really implemented and can be still adjusted ;) Iam still working on very basic features and currently have a basic health/attack/respawn-system implemented. I need to rework some of my code to fix a few bugs and then extend my networking-code to get it more robust. Then, new features will be coming :)
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Re: And Remember, Respect is Everything [ARRIE]

Posted: 15 Oct 2019, 09:18
by Sektor
Looks cool, good luck with the project and welcome to the forum.

Re: And Remember, Respect is Everything [ARRIE]

Posted: 18 Oct 2019, 09:40
by JernejL
Welcome to the forum :) i saw your original UE thread a while ago while looking for similar games, the current approach looks good :)

The screenshot makes me wonder how a retrofuture havana with futuristic buildings could look like.