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Posted: 29 Sep 2018, 18:28
by Drury
Just found out about this game from reddit, surprised there's not been a thread for it here already.

There's a free demo available with an included Battle Royale mode.

I'm pretty sure it lifts a lot of the sounds straight from GTA 2, either that or I'm going crazy.

Re: Geneshift

Posted: 30 Sep 2018, 09:19
by Cuban-Pete
Looks interesting. The explosion at 13 seconds sounds a lot like a gta2 molotov.

Re: Geneshift

Posted: 02 Oct 2018, 08:43
by JernejL
It looks good. This is how a game can look like when you get some artists on board, i am yet to get to come to such amout of detail in top down city.

Some critics and comparison to top down city, i know i'm hijacking thread but i want to hear your input on my observations too:

I can see they went for full 3d models instead of sprites, and i gotta say this gives the game strange look: Map looks great, but perspective on cars and players simply looks weird and so do animations.
This is why i'm sticking to pre-rendered 2d sprites in top down city, the sprites somehow strangely look better. I wonder how their map editor looks like, if they use 3d models, blocks or sort of CSG mechanism like i wish to in the future.
Car physics looks pretty basic, don't seem to naturally lose grip to do things like handbrake turns. They also lack animations when entering/exiting vehicles, but this might be just incomplete.

Lighting looks really good, feels like a variant of shadow mapping (again, something i plan to use in the future too)

Strafing as predicted looks weird top-down, especially since their camera doesn't rotate. It is something that top down city might do better, i've tested rotating camera and it does seem very promising, maybe not as much for driving but it looks good onfoot and might work well for strafing.

Standing on vehicles works, similar to top down city (rudimentary and buggy), but i'm considering going for the drive-by mechanics instead of standing on vehicles.

A lot of sounds do sound like gta2 indeed, but take into account that dma probably bought those sounds from a sound bank provider at that time already, they might have bought the same sounds pack.

Re: Geneshift

Posted: 19 Dec 2018, 13:10
by Drury
The game is currently free to grab for a few more hours on steam. Except, not exactly.

Turns out the limited time free offer is just the battle royale demo I mentioned in OP.

The base game with the campaign is now being offered as paid DLC.

I don't know what's going to happen when the free offer ends. The demo becomes a paid base version? Or do things go back to the way they were (current "base" version going back to being a free demo, campaign going back to being the base version)?

It's really strange and feels a bit manipulative, especially since the dev is promoting it as if it's a limited time offer, even though everyone access to the free demo for the longest time.