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Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 09 May 2020, 19:20
by JernejL
Updated build: - may 2020:

What is new:
Fifth alpha may 2020:

Fixed Nvidia cards not rendering shadows properly.
Network optimization: no syncing of passenger and vehicle actors when they are not needed
Network fixes: packet length varies based on data that needs to be synced.
Big AI improvements, more behaviors, less glitches
conveyor belts: implemeted for all sorts of objects properly, this still needs to be added to map
camera now properly moves up and down with your character's height / altitude
further improvements to AI behaviors:
- Police AI greately updated and improved
- Pedestrian fight & threat reaction logic is also improved
- Enchanched shake effect (adds some roll to camera)
fixed map area zones
fixed particle damage not being correctly attributed to shooter
pickup sound effect
Improved tank drive-over logic, sparks and excessive damage are fixed, drive-over tracked vehicled only apply damage when moving fast enough
greatly improved stuck & obstacle checking, which improves traffic a lot
improved logic: back off if obstacle not moving, this fixes a lot of traffic deadlocks.
improvements to enter/exit logic - improved code, ability to cancel car exitting
Added mobile phone pickup
Moved traffic functions to javascript
fixed CRC calculation for newton map collision files, now cache properly works - detects version, game loads faster.

- A lot of bugs in map editor fixed, map editor also got a great UI makeover
- road network: node manipulation API for editor greatly improved
- improved map editor rendering, picking logic
- map zones: improved rendering of grabber handles, editors makes use of inbetween handles to just extend / add areas (lile always, first clear browser cache)

Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 05 Jun 2020, 08:06
by JernejL
Sixth alpha - more progress!
Speeded up speed of rendering
Fixed a lot of memory leaks
Usual bunch of crash fixes
Fixed issues with pickup crates
Improvements to how traffic generation works
Optimized texture usage for cars
Corrected and improved GUI design
Networking: Segmented area syncing, improved / automatic idling, improved / reduced networking traffic
New debug menu (F3) with all the existing F-key options
Ability to reload mission script on the fly (F3), this works also in networking mode
Fixed network sync glitches (animations and vehicle actors suddendly appearing in the car shape, causing issues)
Display packet sizes in network players menu
Fixed offscreen arrows for players
Improvement to performance chart (F4) visualization / rendering
Shaders: Toggleable bicubic option, Changeable shadow quality, support for sunk effect on underwater cars
Fixed audio volume control for ambient audio
improved AI behaviors, added ARMY
Improved memory management
Improved car enter / exit actor positioning and animation logic
Cars: they now burn for 5 seconds before they explode
Fixed debug newton map option not rendering unless other options were on aswell (lile always, first clear browser cache)

Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 21 Aug 2020, 10:37
by Logofero
Deleted. Not relevant.

Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 05 Sep 2020, 11:50
by jericho

Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 07 Sep 2020, 11:22
by JernejL
Logofero wrote:
21 Aug 2020, 10:37
Hi to all.

I am fine. I didn't write because I was not in the mood (I was in search of myself).

There will be time and opportunity to try Demo.

JernejL, if someone will be added to your channel (as then in Discord), I note after leaving, I no longer returned to your channel, so be careful about you, fakes with my nickname may be stuck, do not believe them - these are spies. Cyber ​​espionage has gained traction especially in the country I live in. Now I am and write only on my official channels (they are indicated in my main channel - yes, there is most of the information in Russian, but the links can be understood where they lead). My main channel is still

And of course JernejL, congratulations on your release! I hope the fact that I started writing less often does not prevent you from continuing to make the game. As I wrote earlier, don't stop. I would like to see TDC online with players :)
Good to hear that you are ok, i'm not sure about discord status but if you will join again you can let me know if the fake nick or something is still there?
jericho wrote:
05 Sep 2020, 11:50
I've got this message recently ... 9ae1ba.jpg
I think i got this fixed in newer builds, more releases will come soon - i finally got everything to do with shadows fixed, and now i'm working on utility vehicle pathfinding (think cars finding path to you or firetrucks finding paths to fires)

Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 07 Sep 2020, 18:35
by Logofero
Deleted. Not relevant.

Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 08 Sep 2020, 17:59
by Logofero
Deleted. Not relevant.

Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 10 Sep 2020, 09:16
by JernejL
Thanks for the new review, and i'm happy that you saw not just the big but also small changes that were made, a lot of fine details were completed and i can see it was all important.

To focus on some comments:

The version you tested probably does not have a fix for some memory leaks and nvidia shadows gpu shader, the issue was corrected and tested by me, it also covers a few crashes that you pasted.

Car door logic was decoupled partially from actor enter / exit activities, this also covers pedestrians being interrupted or dying when doors are being handled, so random car drivers can now cancel exitting door, but they can also get out of car fast and leave the door open as nobody in panic would take time to close car door when running away :)

Policemen get stuck - this is the part i am trying to fix now, driving pathfinding has no logic for handling obstacles.
Without this mission scripting drivers, firemen, etc.. cannot find things properly, and function, this is being corrected.

Sometimes game will automaticly jump over objects (including weapon crates) if you happen to go into it too fast, a slower approach to box should not cause this. Objects can be also set to be not "jumpable", in that case this doesn't happen.

Weapons hud is not complete, it is useful partially, but definetly not refined. I also think that there should be weapon slots and a upper limit on how many weapons one should have, as having too many weapons is not a good idea either, then it takes ages to find what you need.

Tank turret rotation has 3 values (turn speed, acceleration factor and max acceleration) and they been moved to configuration sqlite, so in next versions you can adjust it if you wish.

Sprite animations are not currently planned (for reloading turret), but in future i will try to combine animated / skinned models and render sprites on the fly, with that, animations on vehicles could be possible, otherwise sprite frame animations would just be specific simple hacks.

Tank shell flight is actually NOT a bug, the tank shell will take movement momentum from vehicle, and apply its own acceleration. While i understand this looks retarded if firing while driving backwards, the solution is to set the "bomb" particle to have proper max_velocity_ever value and setting braking_multiplier that is > 1.0 - this would give the rocket additional fast acceleration like a proper projectile shold behave.
It would however look stupid on the handheld rocket launcher weapon, so the weapon would need to be split in 2 weapons.. one for tank and one for rocketlauncher. the game supports this for a while now, but i never got around to making this change in config - i will do this eventually.

The weapon recoil / "inertia" is implemented by design and can be set to anything for each weapon.
It is intended to be used with specific weapons - such as minigun, uber shotgun, water cannon, etc.. the weapons in game are mostly result of experimentation and not final.

I agree that a bigger map display is also needed, but minimap does serve its purpose too - it will be important for avoiding things in stealth mission and does display police vehicles, this is just initial work, it will be improved further.

Army needs a lot more changes, it needs proper vehicle and some other vehicle class handling (like only producing certain vehicles when a specific wanted level was reached) - a lot of this stuff is still missing.

Still i have a long way to go, AI fixes first, then more down the line.

Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 08 Oct 2020, 01:14
by Logofero
I deleted works built on the basis of the TDC game, since I do not promote creative works on a non-profit basis, which began to be used for other people's PR.

Now I can clearly see that strangers used my non-commercial promo company TDC, launched back in 2018, because they came to the forum thanks to her. Instead of supporting the game by becoming a viewer, tester, or author of the mod, they use the news feed I created to draw attention to themselves and their startup.
And since I am not a producer and did not intend to produce someone, I am not pleased with this phenomenon. Therefore, I no longer associate myself with the TDC project from JernejL's, which promotes projects in this company, to outsiders.

I spent a lot of time and effort to make my work of high quality. I wanted people to know about the TDC project. I didn’t demand and didn’t make money from it. I do not need this, since I did it sincerely. I learned about JernejL as an author who created his projects for fun (without commerce), and people did not always support him properly, because they did not appreciate the value of what he was doing for them. I could not take money from him, since he is a man of soul. And I'm not pleased that someone, through my social network, got into a small GTA community, where people create not for the sake of money, but for the love of games, and these people who came into trust and use it for their mercantile purposes.
And I do not mind that they could create something here, this is better than hacking other people's accounts for money, but these people are not pleasant to me because I know that they are mean and if they create something, then only for personal gain.

Now let everyone develop their GTA on their own. I still like TDC, but I no longer do TDC mods. Sorry JernejL, I hope you understand me. I do not hold any grudge against you, your game is good, because it is from the heart! Your game is in your hands!

I wrote this to let people know why I removed the TDC mods. This is not because I have a bad attitude towards its author.
Because I do not want to be connected even mentally with people who are strangers to me, who follow my social networks in order to steal something from me.

Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 12 Oct 2020, 05:29
by JernejL
I talk to logofero, it seems he has some issues with moddb running ads on his moddb page for TDC and not me or the project.. Just thought i'd clear that up because that post is rather confusing.

Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 06 Dec 2020, 12:18
by B-$hep
Any updates, new features?

Re: New game: Top down city!

Posted: 07 Dec 2020, 16:12
by JernejL
B-$hep: you missed stuff because you didn't subscribe on youtube or discord:

AH, yes! an update! this took months!

As usual, the link was updated to latest 2020 build:

What is new? LIGHTS!

Main changes are lights / night mode and ambulance & firemen logic.

Full set of changes:
Seventh alpha - December 2020 rev. 2398 - 2425

Added engine ignition sounds and effect for vehicles that were not yet driven.
LIGHTS and night mode! lights are cast from vehicle headlights, siren lights, car braking lights.
Lights are also added to particle effects like fire, explosions.
Improved logic for vehicle turrets, ability for AI to use vehicle turrets.
Implemented AI for firemen and medics
Initial work started on friendly fire / AI groups
multi-script support improved, support for more than 1 global object injector
improvement of weapons and particles system, so that multiple parameters can be specified for sounds, breakage and other parameters
tracking max health of vehicles for correct health bar display
corrections in weapon struct field names
ability for particles to speed up into movement direction
fixed raycasts being counted in performance graph when not in main thread.
changes to traffic generation, how emergency vehicles are specified per level
Improvement to car driving AI - pathfinding and more intelligence.
nvidia rendering driver fix
prepared stuff for multitextured map
more debug options
fixed a few crashes
fixed some audio issues

I cannot guarantee that this will work out of the box, if you encounter any kind of crashes or glitches please report it and also send me the "TDC_log.txt" that game generates.