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 Post subject: GH channel bot commands
PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 3:12 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 04, 2008 6:51 am
Posts: 1348
gta2ghbot triggers/commands:

!commands Commands:
!link* $+ $urlencode($2-)
!elink* $+ $urlencode($2-) $+ .mmp

!faq* Answers to frequently asked questions:
!help* Port forward help:
!ports Port forward help: ... Mindex.htm (skip their software, do it manually)
!portas Leia esta pagina para obter informacoes sobre como abrir as portas do seu roteador (pule a propaganda e NAO baixe o programa deles. Pagina em ingles sem traducao em portugues atualmente) ... rindex.htm
!puertos Si tus puertos estan cerrados visita la siguiente pagina: ... Mindex.htm Busca el modelo de tu modem o en su defecto la marca y sigue el tutorial (facil e ilustrativo).
!ayuda Revisa las preguntas frecuentes y consejos de ayuda: mira los videotutoriales y sugiere.
!videos Entra a y encuentra todo lo relacionado a gta2 en espanol con videotutoriales.
!portlist 47624 UDP/TCP and 2300-2400 UDP/TCP
!tv Run and get someone you trust to remotely configure your ports
!invul The integrity of this product cannot be guaranteed for high voltage operation. The Zaibatsu Corporation reserves the right to change the specifications without notice. Conditions apply.
!t1* $+ $urlencode($2-)
!t2* $+ $urlencode($2-)
!t3* $+ $urlencode($2-)
!t4* $+ $urlencode($2-)

!7z Extract 7-zip (7z) files with
!lag* GTA2 runs extremely slow against players from far away lands. Play someone near you.
!register To register a name type "/ns REGISTER secretpassword email@address" and then put that password in GH settings (F4) - More info here:
!onlinehilfe online hilfe
!patch GTA2 update
!11* GTA2 update
!gta2 GTA2 update
!gh Latest GH
!1.* Latest GH
!ideas GH ideas

!maps - -
!tf Team Failure -
!57 57th Street -
!ddv Death Valley
!gl Golden Lap
!hsr Hidden Surprise Revised
!ttr Tiny Town Revised
!pod Punch of Death!
!ptb Gustavob & DAFE's Pass The Bomb
!hstd Hidden Surprise TD and Edit
!rw Rocket Wars
!pza Pure Zooka Arena
!pure Pure Zooka Arena
!bootcamp Bootcamp Capture the Vehicle by Pyro -
!rmd Rocket and Molotov Deathmatch
!ddr Destruction Derby Reloaded
!wj Wario's Junkyard
!sr Static Race
!wsr Water Slow Race
!tyfo Tiny Face Off
!ra2 Race Adventures 2 (incl Ra2 Zooka)
!brace Bernaar's Race ... aarrace.7z
!meme ... ff-meme.7z

!decon DeCon Labs & DeCon King:
!tiny Tiny Original Arenas:
!cage MultiSlayer Cage:
!thsa Tiny Original Arenas:
!ttta Tiny Original Arenas:
!t3a Tiny Original Arenas:
!macau Macau Race:

!rule The one and only rule - DON'T BE A DICK ©
!vike THE HUBE! http://GTAMP.COM/images/vike.jpg
!sw Sektor wins!!
!sl Sektor fails!
!flame Sektor wins!
!aest $time $date Wombat time!
!pony ... -270298437
!sbs Saved by Shockwave
!hw - Take turns to kill hedgehogs with mines, shotguns, bazookas, grenades, molotovs, watermelons, cakes, sine gun, portal gun...
!hot DAFE and Wario get it on!
!wk http://GTAMP.COM/images/wk.jpg All hail the Wombat King!
!water Aqua Tank
!icecream How to get icecream:

!cookie*:#gta2gh:/ctcp #gta2gh ACTION stabs $2 in the eye with a cookie
!cp*:#gta2gh:/ctcp #gta2gh ACTION punches $2 in the cock

;elypter's commands
!lt Lorne Theatre
!opx GTA2, all maps, tools, preview images, an installer and a tutorial:
!opxde GTA2, alle Karten, Tools, Vorschaubilder, ein Installer und ein Tutorial:
!mpx All GTA multiplayer maps:
!gpx GTA2 and tools incl. gh and patch:
!ipx Preview images:
!jpx All editing tools and a workbench:
!dpx Intro videos, images GTA2 radio, ... :
!rpx Textures, Cars, ... for modding:
!spx Singleplayer maps:
!epx All maps from elypter:
!gpx GTA2 and tools incl. gh and patch:
!ipx Preview images:
!jpx All editing tools and a workbench:
!dpx Intro videos, images GTA2 radio, ... :
!opx7z GTA2, all maps, tools, preview images without installer:
!rpx Textures, Cars, ... for modding:
!spx Singleplayer maps:

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:05 am 
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Joined: Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:38 pm
Posts: 145
A complete list of all Sally's triggers and keywords follows.

Ignore the "react to /^" and " (\S+)$/ with %{match1}" parts. They are here for my own use. If you want to use a command, take "help" for example, then all you need to do is write "help nick".
Also note that you can use all of these in a private chat with sally, e.g. "/msg sally rules". If you spam the channel with these commands, you will get banned.

Sally's reaction triggers:
"help nick", notice there there is no "!" or "@"!
"/^help (\S+)$/" means the word "help" must be the first word on the line, followed by the nick of the person being addressed
  1. react to /^help (\S+)$/ with %{match1} read this, the whole thing, because either you, the person you are trying to play with, or both, need to forward your ports: (Do NOT download the software!)
  2. react to /rules (\S+)$/ with %{match1} read the GameHunter rules at You were given this link probably because you are in violation of at least one of them and are about to get kickbanned.
  3. react to /^rules$/ with Read the GameHunter rules at You were given this link probably because you are in violation of at least one of them and are about to get kickbanned.
  4. react to /^intro$/ with ruby:m.reply "GTA2-GTAMP-Edition is the newest and only version of GTA2 supported by GameHunter.\n1- Uninstall/delete your current GTA2 game folder,\n2- Download and install GTA2-GTAMP-Edition from here (Do NOT download any patches like the 11.41 one!)\n3- Download and install the latest GameHunter version from"
  5. react to /^lowerping$/ with ruby:m.reply "To lower your ping:\n1- Turn off all other programs that might be using your internet connection (P2P like torrents, eMule, etc), web browsers, instant messengers (ICQ, Skype, GG, etc).\n2- If you share your internet connection with other people in your house, disconnect them.\n3- Move closer to the person you want to play with."
  6. react to /^find (\S+)$/ with{match1}
  7. react to /^drink$/ with Drink a little...
  8. react to /^axolotl$/ with SALAMANDA!
  9. react to /^fixnick (\S+)$/ with cmd:kick %{match1} You are using a nick that looks like temporary garbage (e.g. ped625, pakxped or COMP7126-HOME) or is offensive. Please change it to something short and decent by typing /nick followed by your new nick, or click on Tools > Settings and change your "IRC name"
  10. react to /^alerts$/ with Click on Tools > Options (or press F4), go to the Audio Alerts tab and set GH to notify you when someone of interest joins.
  11. react to /^slayradio$/ with There's something awesome playing on SLAY Radio! Tune in now!
  12. react to /^scripture$/ with Exodus 23:8, "Thou shalt forward thine ports; thou shalt not whine, thou shalt not bitch, and thou shalt not use hamachi: for hamachi blindeth the wise. and perverteth the game of the righteous"
  13. react to /^spring$/ with ruby:m.reply "Spring is an awesome open source cross platform massive RTS game engine. It can run many mods, from futuristic warfare to a 1944 WWII mod.\nSee gameplay here: and\nRead more here:\nWebsite here:" // ruby:m.reply so that it will parse \n as a newline
  14. react to /^xonotic$/ with Xonotic is a free, fast-paced kickass first-person shooter that works on Windows, OS X and Linux. No lag or port issues. Get it!
  15. react to /^ayudar (\S+)$/ with %{match1} Si usted no puede entrar en el juego, visite la siguiente pagina: (No haga clic en el anuncio y no descargue el software) Encontrar el modelo de su router y seguir el tutorial. Si ha intentado y sigue sin funcionar, leer de nuevo, esta vez con cuidado.
  16. react to /^ajudar (\S+)$/ with %{match1} Se voce nao consegue entrar no jogo de alguem, visite a seguinte pagina: (nao clique na propaganda e nao baixe o software deles.) Encontre o modelo do seu roteador e siga o tutorial. Se voce tentou e ainda nao conseguiu, leia o tutorial de novo, dessa vez com calma.
  17. react to /^yoyo (\S+)$/ with %{match1} coming and going like a yoyo will not get you any closer to playing a game of GTA2. Rather than being an idiot, just join and leave GH running in the background, until someone near enough to you to have a low ping joins, then you can play. Turn on "Audio alerts" in GameHunter settings.
  18. react to "Get back to work " with act:cracks a whip over %{target}'s lazy head.
  19. react to /lube (\S+)$/ with Mmm, one warm Butthurt Lotion for %{match1} coming up!
  20. react to /^maps$/ with Unpack these maps to gta2\data\ - - -
  21. react to /^moo (\S+)$/ with Shut up %{match1}, you stupid cow!
  22. react to /freud (\S+)$/ with <freud> %{match1}: your mother </freud>
  23. react to /rape (\S+)$/ with act:straps on a rusted iron dildo, jumps on %{match1} and fucks him in his asshole till he bleeds out his mouth.
  24. react to /^eject (\S+)$/ with cmd:kick %{match1} Your country is poor.
  25. react to ssij with %{who} sam ssij! at 25% chance
  26. react to "%{bot} to bot" with %{who} sam jestes botem!
  27. react to /swahili/ with The language you're speaking is not encouraged here. Speak proper English, you wankers!
  28. react to /^fu (\S+)$/ with %{match1} that is an act of defiance! Fuck you!
  29. react to /^!boobs/ with Boobs is what they want!
  30. react to /^busyman$/ with %{who} is a busy man and he has much better things to do, but he wants to help you, so either do what he tells you to right now, or you're on your own.
  31. react to /^ghpl$/ with POLACY! Dolaczcie do polskiego kanalu GameHuntera gdzie polacy rzadza i nikt nie ma prawa narzekac ze mowicie po swojemu. Wystarczy napisac jedna komende i GameHunter zapamieta to na przyszlosc: /join #gta2gh-pl
  32. react to /^register (\S+)$/ with %{match1} considering registering your nick, read about the benefits of doing so and how to do it here: viewtopic.php?p=1948#p1948

Sally's keywords:
"Sally tell nick about keyword" or "@tell nick about keyword"
  1. keyword set cock is otherwise known as a rooster, a male chicken, you filthy slag.
  2. keyword set noobs are new, unexperienced users. Beware, they are likely to quit the game when they lose and whine like bitches.
  3. keyword set you are a waste of oxygen.
  4. keyword set ping is the time it takes for information to go from your computer to the person your are pinging's computer and back to you again. The bigger the ping, the slower the game.
  5. keyword set fhg is <reply> You don't always have to fuck her hard, in fact sometimes that's not right to do:
  6. keyword set squirting is <reply> Learn to do it right! Preview here: Full version here:
  7. keyword set cunnilingus is <reply> Learn to do it right:
  8. keyword set spam is <reply> If someone is spamming you and you want him kicked, or if you experience any other kind of behavior that goes against GH rules (write "rules" to see them) telling an operator is not enough. Make a screenshot and upload it to then show it to the operator.
  9. keyword set mother is <reply> Respect your mother!
  10. keyword set mrt is <reply> Mr. T's rules for fools!
  11. keyword set godkills is <reply> How many people did God kill in the Bible?
  12. keyword set wov is <reply> Mmm, time for new wallpaper!
  13. keyword set silence is golden, duct tape is silver. ... t-tape.jpg
  14. keyword set milk is <reply> I love milk!
  15. keyword set Kielbasa is a Polish word for traditional Polish sausage. Kielbasa is traditionally served with fried onions, red horseradish blended with beets, and diced, fried with onions - as an addition to pierogi, which are crescent-shaped dumplings filled with potato, cheese or mushrooms.
  16. keyword set Sally is a cybernetic organism. Living tissue over metal endoskeleton.
  17. keyword set sinfulbastard is <reply> Dear oh dear, you are a sinful bastard
  18. keyword set hierarchy is a body of persons having authority; categorization of a group of people according to ability or status.
  19. keyword set Butthurt is that special feeling in your ass after it's been kicked and/or fucked. It is a common ailment amongst losers on the internet. It is usually characterized by noisy whining and complaining after being pwnt or otherwise outdone in any minute and insignificant way. It was invented at least 100 years ago by Vlad the Impaler when he went crazy from living in a time without the internets.
  20. keyword set billy is <reply> GO BILLY!
  21. keyword set Penisfruit is a rare tropical relative of the avocado family. It is a culinary fruit.
  22. keyword set me is <reply> You suck.
  23. keyword set bears <reply> You look like the kind of person who has many bear friends.
  24. keyword set kurwa is <reply> Please refrain from using obscene language in GameHunter. There are children about. Thank you.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:00 pm 
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I'll add triggers for your own maps, if you post in this thread using this format:

on 1:TEXT:!command:#gta2gh:/msg #gta2gh text

That way I can just paste them into mIRC, add your command to the first post and then delete your post from here.

PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2011 6:06 pm 
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new commands:
!axolotl ->
!drink ->

@find <map> ->searches for a map on

yur sa'nok ngeyä

PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:21 am 
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!link and !elink now urlencode mmp filenames.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:37 pm 
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Added commands for:

!t1 text
!t2 text
!t3 text
!t4 text

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 4:23 am 
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!meme links directly to bff-meme map.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:08 pm 
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I had to reset Sally, here is the list of triggers I reprogrammed her with. Refer to the full list above on how to use them, whether they need a nick as an argument, etc.

lube (by popular demand)

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