Bonus Levels A-I listed in Game Hunter

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Bonus Levels A-I listed in Game Hunter

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Download from here: Bonus Levels listed in Game Hunter.

Just for convenience, I made some preview images and .mmp files some time ago for the bonus levels. This lets you select them and play from Game Hunter:
  1. Start GTA2 Game Hunter.
  2. Press "Create Game".
  3. Find and select one of these levels - each has Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels:
    1. Bonus Ice Cream Vans
    2. Bonus Race
    3. Bonus Massacre
  4. Click "Play Alone".
There are no "High Scores" screen when you play this way.

Sektor, feel free to include these with the next Game Hunter and/or the next GTA2 GTAMP Edition.
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