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Yet another modification to my fact viewer for the Spring 2007 coding competition. I thought the tip shown in the screenshot was very appropriate considering how many times I've used this app to enter competitions. There were only 7 entries and I received 6th place. This time, Sheep Machine (a sheep counter) snatched last place from me. 352KB (requires LUA player)

I modified my fact viewer yet again, for the QJ-NET-and-Lik-Sang-Summer-Coding-Competition. There were only 10 valid entries and I got 9th place (totally owned Wordage by 20 votes!).
PSPRedneck screenshot

I modified my fact viewer for the Summer 2006 coding competition. Obviously developers were going to view the entries, so for a gag it displays "You might be a game developer if..." jokes. There were only 10 entries and I received 9th place. Click Click Machine (a button click counter) prevented me from earning last place. 35KB (requires LUA player)

2006-04-14 35KB - The random selection is now a lot more random. You need Lua Player to run this. It works on the Windows and PSP version.

Andre translated Chuck Norris fact viewer into Italian. He also changed the picture and font colours.

PSPNorris1.2_by_andre.rar 750KB - includes LUA player. Italian language only.

I noticed there weren't many entries in the PSP APP section of the Neoflash 2006 Spring coding contest, so I quickly learnt some LUA script and made this fact viewer. There ended up being 13 entries and I got lucky last. The picture I used is from a clip of Chuck Norris reading Chuck Norris facts.

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