MTA:SA progress update

It's been a while since we really provided a "real" progress update, so we're taking the opportunity to tell everyone about what's been happening under the hood.

The last public beta proved to be very useful, and this has resulted in many new changes and fixes.

As always, a number of crashes have been fixed which should make DM feel more stable. Vehicle interpolation has been tweaked which should make it more efficient, resulting in an increase in FPS. There have also been other changes to areas such as the streamer, which also impact the overall FPS positively. We're hoping that issues of FPS should be reduced for the next public beta.

Occurrences of "sliding" (a form of desync) have also been further reduced, which should also be evident in the next test. One very notable fix worth mentioning is that players can finally shoot players who are inside vehicles. This is something that was supposed to make DP1 but was removed at the last minute. This has finally made it and is worth testing for the next public beta.

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