SA-MP v0.2.5 info

What happens when you take the 0.1 player limit, add the 0.2 player limit, multiply by 3.3 recurring then divide by 2? That’s right, you get a close approximation of 500 – which is the 0.2.5 player limit.

We have rewritten large portions of the SA-MP dedicated server and now the hard limits on players and vehicles comes down to server CPU and bandwidth.

In 0.2.5 we have taken advantage of this new server system and raised the vehicle limit to 2000 with virtually unlimited amount of vehicle models. This isn’t just some theoretical limit either, we’re working on a new script to replace lvdm which will cover all of San Andreas. The SA-MP beta team has been hard at work and have placed 2000 vehicles in these reusable lists.

2 thoughts on “SA-MP v0.2.5 info”

  1. Its going to be called 0.3 now because 2.5 was leaked and sercurity issues
    plus they are adding more


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