REminiscence for Sony PSP

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REminiscence for Sony PSP

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flashback_data_files.7z - 9MB (includes DOS files, Amiga music, SegaCD speech, English, French and Italian cinematics).

PC CD SEQ 3D movie files - 70MB (optional 3D cutscenes, personally I prefer the original vector cutscenes)
(628.19 KiB) Downloaded 2667 times
(154.51 KiB) Downloaded 2236 times
REminiscence is a re-implementation of the engine used in the game Flashback: The Quest for Identity
made by Delphine Software and released in 1992. REminicence was first released by Gregory Montoir in 2005.

Release 0.2.1 (2011/08/20) - Updated by Sektor
- Added menu option for playing all SEQ movie files in a row
- Added menu option for cycling through speech
- Added Neoflash 2011 splash screen (image for resolution choice screen instead of just text).

Release 0.2.1 (2011/07/30) - Updated by Sektor
- Updated to Gregory Montoir's latest version:
PC CD SEQ file movie support
Experimental support for Amiga data files
Level selector is now part of the official build
Menus fade in and out

Release (2008/01/17) - Updated by Sektor
- compatible with 3.80 M33 firmware
- added analog nub support
- fixed a bug that made cutscenes always display in English even if French was selected
- removed power and credit cheat since it caused crashes and it was useless
- L & R no longer quick/load save since they could be pushed accidentally

Release 0.1.9 (2007/07/30) - Updated by Sektor
- added support for SegaCD speech files (voice.vce)
- added level/language selector (copied from rlyeh's GP2X version with some minor changes)
- select now toggles fast mode and mirror mode
- added key recording/playback, immunity, power/credit cheat and other debug options to the in game menu
- choice of full screen or small screen at startup

REminiscence is the work of Gregory Montoir (

To run REminiscence, you'll need a copy of the data files from the DOS version
of Flashback.

To install:

Copy REminiscence folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/
Data files go in ms0:/PSP/GAME/REminiscence/data/
Save files go in ms0:/PSP/GAME/REminiscence/save/
The eboot.pbp is signed, so it should even work on official firmwares but I only tested on 5.0 M33-6.


D-Pad/Nub - Move left, right, up, or down
Cross - Enter (Use object)
Circle/R - Backspace (Inventory / exit from a cinematic scene)
Triangle - Space (Take out / put back gun)
Square - Shift (Operate / run / take)
Start/L - Esc (Game options)
Select - Toggle mirror mode
Long jump - Hold Square + left/right and then push up
High jump - Hold Square + left/right and then release left/right anytime before you get to an edge
(he only jumps if ledge is within reach, required on 2nd level)

Known issues:

You can't load a level 2 save from level 1. You have to choose level 2 in the level select screen and then load your save.
Inventory items are always in English.
480x272 is the wrong aspect ratio.
Reminiscence doesn't support Italian language files.
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