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Driveable wrecks!

Posted: 09 Dec 2010, 04:58
by Gustavob

How to drive a wreck in GTA2!

First of all you need debug keys

1: Get a car and plant some mines somewhere on the map
2: Go away from the mine, but not too far
3: Drive as fast as you can with your car in the way to the mine
4: when you're getting close to the mine, press the car fix debug key (Num,) as fast as you can and repeatedly
5: IF YOU HAVE LUCK, right when you die you may see your car going fast as hell, insta-teleport to that place when you die so you can see if you get in the wreck
6: if you can, have fun and even try to respray it to look how shitty it looks like :P

A proper explanation of this would probably be:
When you pass above the mines, the game will change the car sprite to the proper wreck sprite and then change the car type to Wreck and stop you from getting in it. If you fix your car fast enough, the game will only create the explosion and change the sprite but will still think its the car you were using before with same door positions and physics. I GUESS thats why it happens, maybe somebody can confirm it hey Vike! =P

Before anybody asks, this map is a map I use for testing and for self amusement. I may release it someday as a singleplayer map project after I complete it

Re: Driveable wrecks!

Posted: 09 Dec 2010, 06:22
by Cuban-Pete
Haha, driven over three times by own wrecked car. :)

Re: Driveable wrecks!

Posted: 09 Dec 2010, 13:38
by Gustavob
yea, notice I accidentally did the same wrecking trick with the wreck, so I guess I was driven over by my own wrecked wreck :|

Re: Driveable wrecks!

Posted: 13 May 2012, 11:04
by Alberto
Gustavob, you know where to download this Map?

Re: Driveable wrecks!

Posted: 13 May 2012, 16:27
by Gustavob
It's not completed yet, so I still didn't release it.

Re: Driveable wrecks!

Posted: 14 Oct 2012, 16:32
by Galactic Boy
I know a bug that is similar to this:
1-You plant a "Hell Oil" somewhere.
2-Wait a few seconds.
3-When a car driving over "Hell Oil", destroy the car any means. If you have luck, the car will start turn around the it's axis.
I tried and did it. I hope you can do it with this method. :)