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GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 13:34
by Alberto
GTA2 D.T.D Version 1.0

.GTA2 DownTown Dies Version 1.0, i'll add new updates soon

.Thanks To CarThief & Sektor ( For Phone Help ) And Elypter For .sty Files

This map includes two cities Linked to each other by 2 bridges
City 1 Includes:
3.Fire Station
4.Police Station
5.Small Stadium
6.A Zooka Arena Square
7.4 Building
8. Army Base
9.A Temple (includes Tanks)

This is The First Version Of my Map (version 1.0), i'll soon add some gangs, secret areas and some missions
You can Rate My Map If you wanted.

Second City Includes:
1.Zaibatsu Area
2.Very Tiny rocket arena
3. A Garage

Weapons, cars ..etc I Added Everything in it.
Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 16:51
by BenMillard
Screenshots and mini-map?

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 17:12
by Alberto
I Need help in this too, i dont know how to make mini maps :<

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 20:44
by T.M.
Alberto wrote:I Need help in this too, i dont know how to make mini maps :<
Load a map with Epic GTA2 Map Editor, go to File -> Save -> Image -> Map Image. Select rectangle, adjust camera altitude and double right click. In addition you can resize the weapon icons by going to Options -> Script objects -> Scale.

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 23:52
by Alberto

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 13 Jun 2012, 21:54
by Alberto
First, Thanks T.M For your Help, i cant upload the Mini-map because The Forum can't upload something more the 2MB
My Next Updates: I'll Add :
1.GANGS (Example: Zaibatsu)
2. New City and i'll link it to the first 2 cities
4.I'll Fix The Shops
5.Maybe I Can Add Trains.

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 14 Jun 2012, 00:20
by Pyro
Have you tried compressing the map? Things like the converted GTA1 maps into GTA2, inside a ZIP file, include the GMP and STY file and is ~1.6MB.

I believe TM's editor can compress GMP files from ~6MB to about ~300KB, otherwise one of Delfi/Jernej's tools can do it. You should always compress your map just to save file space really, and no reason not to.

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 14 Jun 2012, 13:34
by BenMillard
Pyro, the "mini-map" is the .bmp image generated by TM's editor.

Alberto, open the mini-map and save it as a PNG File. You can do this in Paint, that's included with Windows.

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 14 Jun 2012, 14:53
by Pyro
Looks like I didn't read it properly, my mistake! Too tired last night I think ;)

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 14 Jun 2012, 14:59
by Alberto
I'm About to finish my Updates, Do you guys know how to make the phone answered? Like, I Stand on the phone, So it Starts a mission?
Thats Hard I Think

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 14 Jun 2012, 15:11
by Pyro
I have a working phone tutorial here. It shows an extremely basic setup that works for one player.

You can change the code inside the phone function (where the briefs are shown in my tutorial) to do nearly anything you want, including IF statements (example - if you answer a phone with $5,000 you can make it do one thing, and if they don't have $5,000 do something else).

Of course, you'll need to use a THREAD_TRIGGER per player to make it work properly in multiplayer.

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 15 Jun 2012, 12:35
by CarThief
If it helps, this is what im using for Missions for my current project, it uses Blue Phones for missions.

Code: Select all

SAVED_COUNTER Global_OnMission = 0 
SAVED_COUNTER Global_MissionsPassed = 0

DECLARE_MISSION_FLAG (Player1, Global_OnMission)

SAVED_COUNTER Mission_TutStatus = 0 //TUTORIAL              - No faction: Too easy
SAVED_COUNTER Mission_As1Status = 0 //GRAND THEFT ICE CREAM - Loonies: Easy

OBJ_DATA Global_TutorialPhone = (124.5, 130.5, 2.0) 180 PHONE
OBJ_DATA Global_AsylumPhone1 = (240.5, 17.5, 2.0) 0 PHONE

//Mission 1.
THREAD_TRIGGER TutSubThread = THREAD_WAIT_FOR_ANSWER_PHONE (player1, Global_TutorialPhone, TutSub:)
IF(Global_OnMission = 1)
DISPLAY_BRIEF (1008) //Uses Custom GXT: n!#Finish your current job first# before you try and start a new one!
LAUNCH_MISSION (wsd_tut.mis)

//Mission 2.
THREAD_TRIGGER As1SubThread = THREAD_WAIT_FOR_ANSWER_PHONE (player1, Global_AsylumPhone1, As1Sub:)
IF(Global_OnMission = 1)
DISPLAY_BRIEF (1008) //Same text.
LAUNCH_MISSION (wsd_as1.mis)
COUNTERS/Flags like Global_OnMission(checks if player's on a mission) and Global_MissionsPassed(used to display the number of missions passed in the pause screen) are handled manually after one of the missions ends.

A quick example of the tutorial mission in the project, where it shows everything done manually:

Code: Select all


//Mission declares and counters.
COUNTER Tut_Passed = 0
COUNTER Tut_Failed = 0

FORWARD Tut_Cleanup: //Do not let this be the first thing in a mission file.

Tut_Main: //Consider this a mission file's LEVELSTART. And the stuff above this before LEVELSTART.

//Setup criticals beforehand.
SET Global_OnMission = 1 //The player is now on a mission.
SET MissionLoop = 1
STOP_PHONE (Global_TutorialPhone) //This phone who started the mission will now stop ringing.

//Mission stuff between this and WHILE_EXEC.

Tut_Taxi = CREATE_CAR (127.5, 139.0, 2.0) -1 0 TAXI END

WHILE_EXEC(MissionLoop = 1)

DO_NOWT//Just in case.

IF(IS_CHARACTER_IN_CAR (Player1, Tut_Taxi))
ADD_SCORE (Player1, 10000)
ADD_LIVES (Player1, 94) //Dont mind this.
SET Tut_Passed = 1

//These IS_CAR_WRECKED or HAS_CHARACTER_DIED/ARRESTED states are here to make the mission fail if the player dies, gets arrested or wrecks the Taxi.

SET Tut_Failed = 1

SET Tut_Failed = 1

SET Tut_Failed = 1


RETURN //Consider each RETURN command to be the same as a main scripts LEVELEND.

//-----------------------------------CLEAN UP--------------------------------------

Tut_Cleanup: //Same deal, its kind of a second LEVELSTART. There's ussually no reason to WHILE-Loop this part though.

IF(Tut_Passed = 1) //These two handle what should happen if the mission passed or failed.
//SET Mission_TutStatus = 1//Completed
//Global_TutorialLight = CREATE_OBJ (124.3, 130.2, 2.0) 270 GENLITE END
SET Global_OnMission = 0
SET MissionLoop = 0
//STOP_PHONE_RINGING (Global_TutorialPhone)
SET_PHONE_DEAD (Global_TutorialPhone)

IF(Tut_Failed = 1) //If the mission failed re-activate it.
SET Mission_TutStatus = 0
SET Global_OnMission = 0
SET MissionLoop = 0
ANSWER_PHONE (Player1, Global_TutorialPhone, -1)

SET Global_OnMission = 0 //And important commands before running MISSION_HAS_FINISHED.
SET MissionLoop = 0
SET Global_MissionFinished = 1
SET Tut_Passed = 0
SET Tut_Failed = 0


//Dont mind this part, normally MISSION_HAS_FINISHED is the last thing in a cleanup block.
SET Mission_TutStatus = 1//Completed 
Global_TutorialLight = CREATE_OBJ (124.3, 130.2, 2.0) 270 GENLITE END
RETURN //And this can be considered the second LEVELEND.

MISSIONSTART //Here is where the mission actually starts. But you should probaly call a Subroutine from here and work it out from there.

GOSUB Tut_Main: //First call the main subroutine, that declares stuff, spawns stuff, and runs the while loop untill the mission failed or passed.
GOSUB Tut_Cleanup: //Then call this and use this to clean up leftovers from the mission. No need to delete items declared and spawned during missions, they delete themselves automatically when out of sight, if this is not an option, delete anyway. Use FORCE_CLEANUP(weaponorpickup) instead on any OBJ_DATA spawned weapons so they do get removed when complete.

In the Tutorial mission's example, it will stop working once its passed, but if its failed it will re-enable itself though, in the case of using blue phones to trigger missions i suggest stopping the phone after the mission starts, this is somewhere in the start of the mission. No idea if its needed for red/yellow or green phones though.

If this still doesnt help you i can take the liberty of translating these two dutch tutorial pages later on which are still not officially translated, they happen to contain the rather complex mission stuff.
Pages in question:

Here's whats in English so far, these are all GTA2 tutorials:
Edit - Link could be disfunctional, if so try this:
(Hm, has this resource ever been officially listed? Its pretty good, i learned alot from there, cranes, trains, it proved to be very accurate and easy to handle.)

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 15 Jun 2012, 21:29
by Alberto

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 15 Jun 2012, 21:32
by Salamander
Code tags. Use them.

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 15 Jun 2012, 22:03
by Alberto
Sorry, Whats the Code Tags?

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 15 Jun 2012, 22:33
by CarThief
The code tags are {code}{/code} if you replace the { and }'s with brackets or whatever they're called ([ and ]).

Its up there next to "Quote" and "List=" and the likes. Right above the posting area are various buttons. Though the {mis}This is supposed to be a GTA2 script.{/mis} tags (again, with []'s) are not listed there as a button so you will have to use them manually.

And i took a look at the code but im not quite sure what the problem is. What is the exact problem or error message you're getting?
Does the phone not react when walked over? Does it crash during any specific action (like answering the phone) or display the wrong text or something?

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 15 Jun 2012, 22:39
by Alberto
Yes it doesnt react when walked over

Re: GTA2 DTD Version 1.0

Posted: 16 Jun 2012, 14:07
by Alberto
Well, i made the phone answers the 6 Players, but when i use it ( PLAY ALONE ) The Map Crashes
Can i creat one or more "bLUE" Telephone ?

GTA2 DTD V.1.5

Posted: 16 Jun 2012, 14:28
by Alberto
GTA2 DownTown Dies v1.5

I Added a New City in it :) , I'm learning how to add gangs, But there is 2 Problems faced me:

First problem: I Made 6 players map :
PLAYER_PED p1 = ( X.X, Y.Y, Z.Z ) 7 180
PLAYER_PED p2 = ( X.X, Y.Y, Z.Z ) 10 180
PLAYER_PED p3 = ( X.X, Y.Y, Z.Z ) 8 180
PLAYER_PED p4 = ( X.X, Y.Y, Z.Z ) 5 180 -----------> It started with player 4
PLAYER_PED p5 = ( X.X, Y.Y, Z.Z ) 6 180
PLAYER_PED p6 = ( X.X, Y.Y, Z.Z ) 2 180

When i used play alone button in G.H (To test the map) Its uses the PLAYER_PED 4 script and i play with player 4, it should check the P1 And when i use play-alone It should starts with player one script.

Second Problem:
I Added the telephone, it should works with the 6 players, but it works for player 4 only

Any Next updates will come soon.
Hope you Enjoy It

Re: GTA2 DTD V.1.5

Posted: 16 Jun 2012, 15:46
by Davidio
What you mean with it should works?

Would you like that it make sounds or what is the error??