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GH Bug

Posted: 17 Jun 2012, 16:27
by Davidio
Hello all,

i have found a bug:

Go of options -> Display -> URL Color

Select the black left down, and click OK.
Now comes a error message, click OK, again.
Game Hunter will crashes now :lol: :D

Re: GH Bug

Posted: 17 Jun 2012, 16:37
by Sektor
Thank you for reporting it. It used to work but it was broken when someone changed the base from 0 to 1. Fixed in the beta.

Re: GH Bug

Posted: 18 Jun 2012, 20:54
by BenMillard
D'oh! Another thing I broke. Perhaps we should replace the lowest magic number in For loops for the chat control with a constant, like CHAT_LBOUND?

[syntax=vb]Const CHAT_LBOUND = 1

Sub Demo
Dim i as Integer
For i = CHAT_LBOUND to rtbChat.UBound
'do something to each chat history box
End Sub[/syntax]
(EDIT) Proposed as GTA2 Game Hunter Issue 18.