GTA IV countdown

Are you as hyped for GTA IV as this guy?

GTA countdown

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  1. Does anyone know who created that picture? I just found it on IRC.

  2. not sure.
    it might be someone by gtagaming forums.
    i saw it first there.

    Sektor u saw the gameplay?
    pretty awesome huh?

    4 days to go.

  3. No, but it’s kinda funny (and sad).

    New website style, Sektor?

  4. yes funny and sad for this guy.
    he had to cross 69 days and wait almost an eternity for gta4.

    but now that is only a few hours away everything should be fine.

  5. erm we have a cool and dangerous calender at work that counts down everthing that pwns. GTA 5 just gone and MGS 4 is next

  6. doh i meant gta 4 was laughing to much as i typed comment!

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